Catskills Video For Real Estate - An Agent Who Knows How To Sell a House: 2

Posted by Amy Wallace on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 1:28pm.

You're selling your house in the Catskills, you need video for real estate, if you've got an agent who knows how to sell a house, they'll give it to you!


"Video" Vs. Video: (Real) Video For Real Estate....Really

Video for real estate is a tricky business. Most agents will tell you they can offer you a video if you choose to list with them. Does your potential agent's

"video" look something like this:


If it does, they don't know how to sell a house. AHHHH!!!! Run the other way. Today we're focusing on #2 on our list of skills your agent must have - things know if they know how to sell a house

Catskills Real Estate - How to sell a house

The buyers for your house expect to see a video of it. It doesn't matter if they're on our site, on,,, or what have you, they expect to see a video. A real one! Still photographs put to music and posted on youtube don't count. Imagine your buyers. They've found a moment to sit in front of their computer. They're with their loved ones. They're excited to shop for their new home. Maybe they even have a bowl of popcorn because this is their idea of good fun. They're ready to watch some video for real estate.  

They browse. Hmmm, the price is right for them. Right number of bedrooms and baths. Right neighborhood. The photos look good. They click on the video link. Horrors!


It's the same photos that were in the listing, except they're spinning and flying in from the left and right. Ooh! the photo zoomed in for a closeup on the couch - the couch they hate! Guess what? Those buyers don't like you quite so much anymore. They're clicking on the next listing in their search because they're a little bit annoyed that you tricked them with a video link that lead to the same photos as were in the listing. Maybe the listings you're competing with are equal in every other way to yours. But those listings didn't make the buyers feel tricked and cheated. Guess which listings they're going to make appointments to see? This maybe sounds a bit dramatic. But it's really true. Buyers have choices. You want to be their choice. How about a video more along these lines?


Video lets buyers understand what living in a house will feel like in a way no photo can. The video above does use the occasional still photo when a space is too small to film (rooms like small bedrooms and bathrooms are really tough to film). We always make sure that if we need to use a still in our videos we're not using a still from the listing or one that's taken from a similar angle. Also, video brings more traffic to your listing. YouTube is now the #2 search engine. That means people are actually using YouTube instead of and in addition to Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for everything, including real estate. If you don't have a video you're missing out on a lot of search traffic. Real Estate sites like and allow users to sort their search results based on whether or not properties have videos. LOTS of them take advantage of that filter. Which means if you don't have a video potential buyers may never even see your listing in their search results. That's bad for you and great for your competition who has a video. Views of properties with on these sites vs. properties without video are 10:1! Holy Moley - you need a real video right? So! There you have it. #2 on your list of Agent Must Haves for Catskill Real Estate. If your agent knows how to sell a house they'll have real video for real estate. Really. See our other articles on #1, #3, #4, #5.

Amy Wallace - Marketing Director

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty

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