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Sometimes our own homes are a mystery - what are the parts of a house really? How does that septic system in your backyard actually work? What are the steps you need to take if you fear something has gone wrong with it? Are you considering buying a home and completely confused by the list of "features" you see on every real estate website? What is geothermal heat? What is a gunnite pool? Get the answer to these questions from our "Parts of a House" features. There are some house parts that are unique to Catskills real estate and the northeast. If you're new to the area we hope you'll use us as a resource. Don't see the answer to your burning question? Contact us or comment on a post and we'll get you an answer. Houses are our passion, each and every little part of them.

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Homes With Gyms For Sale in The Hudson Valley and Catskills


When it comes to keeping a New Year's resolution to exercise, more a home gym may be the key to turning your resolution into your lifestyle. When it comes to buying a home with a home gym in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, let me be your guide...

It’s mid-January...what did you resolve? Studies show that most people make resolutions around health and money. In 2021, 50% of people who made resolutions resolved to exercise more and/or lose weight. The statistics on how many people actually keep their resolution are a little....well, sad! They're a bummer! 8%. 8% of resolvers keep their resolutions through the year. Yeek. Why does this happen?! What's wrong with all of us

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15 Homes Under 400k

Affordable Catskills & Hudson Valley Real Estate

Mainstream American media has caught Upstate New York Real Estate fever! From what you’ve read in publications like The Washington Post and the The Wall Street Journal lately, you may have the impression that anyone with a housing budget of under $500,000 might as well unpack their moving boxes and sit this one out. But, it's not impossible to find a home for sale in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region for under $500,000. While it's true that the speed of the market is significantly faster than it used to be (in the second quarter of 2021 the average days-on-market for properties that sold in Ulster County was down 47% to below 50, in Greene County it was down 24% to just

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Photo by Ariel Camilo Photography

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty Partnership with The Kingston Design Connection

The 2020 Kingston Design Showhouse

This week I chatted with Maryline Damour, the creative inspiration behind the 2020 Kingston Design Showhouse and a partner at Damour Drake, a design and construction company based in the Hudson Valley. We talked about, amongst other things, pulling together the showhouse in the time of COVID, Maryline’s efforts to keep Hudson Valley interior design in front of the media and the exciting 3D Matterport tour created for the Kingston Design Connection by Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s on-staff videographer so anyone can virtually walk through the showhouse online.

View The

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Luxury Real Estate For Sale In The Catskills 

Welcome to Chateau DeVue

The Penthouse In The Catskills


Who doesn’t remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere), discuss his penchant for penthouses, despite his great fear of heights? When Vivian asks why he’s rented the penthouse when he’s too afraid to enjoy the view, Edward answers, “Because it’s the best.”



 Welcome to Chateau DeVue, a rapturous mountain retreat set high on the peaks of the beautiful Catskills - it’s “the best”; the ultimate in luxury, with views to match the extravagance of the property.

 Luxury Homes For Sale Upstate NY


Chateau DeVue is the combination of two distinct properties, that together, offer a unique weekend escape. Located in Lexington, which, although not a

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The Perfect Jumping Off Spot

Part of the fun of living in Ulster County is learning about and benefiting from the diverse backgrounds of your neighbors. Some lucky folks you meet have lived here all their lives, some are testing the waters by spending their weekends and holidays here – seeing if Hudson Valley living is for them, and some have come here with a real purpose. The latter was the case with the current owners of 1309 Sawkill Road in Woodstock; they came for the music. 1309 Sawkill is just a few miles down the road from Levon Helm Studios, and they came to play. This family of musicians spent years playing at the legendary Barn as well as taking advantage of every opportunity their home’s location offered up.



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Kingston Design Connection Showhouse 2018

A Final Farewell Photographic Tour

The first Kingston Design Connection Design Showhouse was a very special event, bringing together artists and designers, the public, and lucky lucky us in a project that might have just produced the funky-coolest showhouse ever. Just before they broke it down we took one final tour and a pile of photos. Enjoy!


The Exterior - Maryline Damour for Damour Drake

Read our interview with Maryline HERE




Dining Room - By FRED

Read our interview with Charles Farruggio and Michael Van Nort of FRED HERE




The Reading Room - By Margie Verghese of South Manor 




The Entry Hall and Music Lounge by Kate Cummings of

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Kingston Design Showhouse Pt. 4

The first Kingston Design Show House by the Kingston Design Connection was a huge success! I got the opportunity to talk with many of the designers during the run of the show but Kate Cummings of Freestyle Restyle and I were only able to connect after it closed. That’s OK because she may have already performed a Holiday Miracle. Not only did I get the lowdown on the now famous Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper, I got an item to put on the top of my holiday wish list – a visit from Kate! My living room needs her badly! It's an unsettling combo of an ugly piano, a bizarre green sectional I bought in an odd mood, and a giant African water buffalo head, and an unfinished mantel - because I can't decide what sort of mantel might

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Maryline Damour Kingston Design Connection Design Showhouse

The Kingston Design Showhouse will open on October 5th! On a day when designers were loading in furniture and taking deliveries Maryline Damour, the founder of The Kingston Design Connection was good enough to give me a tour, and talk with me about why she and the other members of The Kingston Design Connection launched this project. 


A Tour of 139 Downs Street -

The Kingston Design Showhouse


Me: Maryline, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to me. I can tell it's a really busy day here, so let's just launch in. Where should we start? Should we start with why you embarked on this project in the first place before you give me the tour?

Maryline: Of course! The goal of Kingston Design Connection is to connect Hudson

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Fred is a little shop in High Falls. Perfectly curated, at once comfortable and aspirational, it's been a favorite of mine for years. I was so glad to hear that owners Charles Farruggio and Michael Van Nort were going to be part of The Kingston Design Connections' Kingston Design Showhouse. It gave me the perfect excuse to interview them and pay a visit to the shop! We sat together on some beautifully upholstered slipper chairs and had a chat.


Me: I want to start with a couple of questions about the shop, which I just love. Why Fred? I've always wondered.

Michael: Usually people think it's one of our names. People will walk in say, "Are you Fred?" But I'll let you answer that question. Why Fred...

Charles: When we first were going

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Something really exciting is happening in Midtown Kingston - The Kingston Design Connection's Design Showhouse is nearly finished!


What's the Kingston Design Showhouse?

In the early spring I had the pleasure of meeting Maryline Damour of design/build firm Damour Drake, the founder of Kingston Design Connection. Maryline is developing a Kingston Design Connection, in her words, " connect Hudson Valley designers to each other; to potential clients; and to the growing Kingston design scene." Designers and artisans who become involved are connecting with one another, and with all of us, through several different venues. First they've developed the Kingston Design Directory which will serve as a resource. It's a curated list of

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