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We really believe that the Catskills Lifestyle can't be beat. Where else can acheive complete immersion in nature and the arts and be close enough to a major metropolitan area to make it a quick day trip? Check this page for the latest in Catskills art events, outdoor activities in the Catskills, profiles of community organization and miscellaneous musings on how great it is to live here! If you're not already living it we're pretty sure you'll find the Catskills lifestyle irresistable.

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When exploring the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions it's not a bad idea to have a goal, or a guide. How's this for a worthy quest? Eat as many tacos, in as many cool towns up and down the valley as you can.I mean, who doesn't love a taco - or six? Whether you like them soft shell, crisp shell, ...

UPDATE: If You're Looking For Information On The Kingston Design Showhouse 2019 - click here. The first Kingston Design Connection Design Showhouse was a very special event, bringing together artists and designers, the public, and lucky lucky us in a project that might have just produced the ...