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Kabinett and Kammer Andes NY


Kingston Design Showhouse Pt. 3

For years we've been following the Instagram channel of an antique shop in Andes - Kabinett and Kammer. They carry a particular vintage decor element that I'm obsessed with (I'll leave you guessing on that one), so I'm a big fan. I was so excited to hear that Sean Scherer the shopkeeper of Kabinett and Kammer was a member of The Kingston Design Connection and was going to take part in the Kingston Design Showhouse. He has a style that is wholly his own and I knew whatever he did would be layered and unique. Seeing his room, I was not disappointed. I got the chance to chat with him about his shop, how he found Andes, and his involvement in the Kingston Design Showhouse a few days ago. His story is so like so many

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Hoping your Catskill Escape Will Have a Stream?


One of the most relaxing things you can do this time of year in the Catskills & Hudson Valley Region is to pack yourself a thermos of tea, find a rock by a stream, and watch beautifully colored leaves float down a stream. How lovely does that sound? Streams are equally entertaining in the winter, when their edges freeze up, providing endless opportunities for ice crunching; in summer, when the moving water can cool your feet and offer a chance to observe wildlife; and in spring when their power and size change daily.

Streams are calming, so calming that corporations build them into the lobbies of their headquarters, people incorporate them into their homes via small water fixtures, and the

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Maryline Damour Kingston Design Connection Design Showhouse

The Kingston Design Showhouse will open on October 5th! On a day when designers were loading in furniture and taking deliveries Maryline Damour, the founder of The Kingston Design Connection was good enough to give me a tour, and talk with me about why she and the other members of The Kingston Design Connection launched this project. 


A Tour of 139 Downs Street -

The Kingston Design Showhouse


Me: Maryline, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to me. I can tell it's a really busy day here, so let's just launch in. Where should we start? Should we start with why you embarked on this project in the first place before you give me the tour?

Maryline: Of course! The goal of Kingston Design Connection is to connect Hudson

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Fred is a little shop in High Falls. Perfectly curated, at once comfortable and aspirational, it's been a favorite of mine for years. I was so glad to hear that owners Charles Farruggio and Michael Van Nort were going to be part of The Kingston Design Connections' Kingston Design Showhouse. It gave me the perfect excuse to interview them and pay a visit to the shop! We sat together on some beautifully upholstered slipper chairs and had a chat.


Me: I want to start with a couple of questions about the shop, which I just love. Why Fred? I've always wondered.

Michael: Usually people think it's one of our names. People will walk in say, "Are you Fred?" But I'll let you answer that question. Why Fred...

Charles: When we first were going

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