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A Boutique Hotel For Sale in The Catskills

148 Tinker Street, Woodstock 


 Somewhere, inside everyone, is a piece – a piece that wants to be an innkeeper. Sometimes it’s a big piece and sometimes it’s just a little tiny piece, shoved in a small dark corner near the parts evolution has rendered unnecessary; but it’s in there somewhere! Search around a little if it hasn’t already tapped you on the shoulder. Find it? Hospitality may very well be part of our genetic code.

But, allowing that entrepreneurial part of you free reign to shape your life can be a scary proposition. You want your business to be cool and hip. You want it to have an aesthetic that’s distinct. There are lots of guest accommodations to choose from in the Catskills,

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Kingston Design Connection Showhouse 2018

A Final Farewell Photographic Tour

The first Kingston Design Connection Design Showhouse was a very special event, bringing together artists and designers, the public, and lucky lucky us in a project that might have just produced the funky-coolest showhouse ever. Just before they broke it down we took one final tour and a pile of photos. Enjoy!


The Exterior - Maryline Damour for Damour Drake

Read our interview with Maryline HERE




Dining Room - By FRED

Read our interview with Charles Farruggio and Michael Van Nort of FRED HERE




The Reading Room - By Margie Verghese of South Manor 




The Entry Hall and Music Lounge by Kate Cummings of

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Kingston Design Showhouse Pt. 4

The first Kingston Design Show House by the Kingston Design Connection was a huge success! I got the opportunity to talk with many of the designers during the run of the show but Kate Cummings of Freestyle Restyle and I were only able to connect after it closed. That’s OK because she may have already performed a Holiday Miracle. Not only did I get the lowdown on the now famous Rock ‘n’ Roll wallpaper, I got an item to put on the top of my holiday wish list – a visit from Kate! My living room needs her badly! It's an unsettling combo of an ugly piano, a bizarre green sectional I bought in an odd mood, and a giant African water buffalo head, and an unfinished mantel - because I can't decide what sort of mantel might

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