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Megan Offner NY Heartwoods



I think most of us feel an innate connection to wood. Homebuyers can't help but run their hands across a live edge wood surface that has been carefully incorporated into a home’s design. Many of us who choose to live in the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions call ourselves "tree huggers". Sometimes this is because of our desire to protect our natural environment, sometimes it's also because we like to hug trees. Literally. I’ve been known to give a tree a good tight squeeze. I also grew up with a woodworker – the smell of wood shavings is the smell of my childhood. Wood and me are like THIS.



So, when I recently had the opportunity to meet a kindred spirit I was ecstatic. This was someone who loves wood too – probably

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Stoll Road  

So many people move to the Catskills and Hudson Valley so they can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. A great thought! But days can become filled with errands and work, social appointments and obligations of all sorts. It IS possible to move here and end up spending as little time outdoors as you did when you lived in the city or the ‘burbs. Horrors! But, there’s a way to be sure you live the lifestyle you sought.

Choosing a house that is interconnected with the natural world is the key to ensuring you get connected to it too. A house with easy access to the outdoors - from multiple egresses, through large glass windows uninterrupted by fussy decorations, a house that has outdoor spaces that invite gatherings and are just as comfortable as

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