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Buying Upstate NY Real Estate - it's a big decision. Once you've decided to start searching you may find a curious thing happening. Everyone you know will begin to offer you advice about buying real estate. Of course they have the best intentions, they want the best for you. But all that advice can get consfusing. How do you know if you should take any of it? An average American owns only 3 homes in their lifetime. 3 home purchases is not a terribly sturdy foundation from which to dispense advice. Here's OUR advice. When you're considering buying Upstate NY real estate take advice from someone who's been involved in hundreds of home purchases. Browse our posts here for general home buying information. If you have specific questions it's always best to speak to one of our Licensed Real Estate Agents.

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When it comes to keeping a New Year's resolution to exercise, more a home gym may be the key to turning your resolution into your lifestyle. When it comes to buying a home with a home gym in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, let me be your guide... It’s mid-January...what did you resolve? ...