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Plantation Style in the Catskills


Imagine this. It’s a Saturday night in July. You’ve just spent the day playing host to friends and family; serving barbeque while they swim in the pool, dance in your front yard, and have a party just like the ones in the film, “The Ya-Ya Sisterhood”. Now, you’re relaxing on your gracious front porch. It’s not one of those narrow New England front porches with view-blocking railings. This is a Southern-style front porch with big pillars supporting its depth, and enough room for a dining area and several seating areas. Think “veranda”, not “porch”. You’ve got a book and some iced tea and you’re looking out over your gorgeously landscaped and manicured yard as the summer breeze cools you. Is this the Catskills? Couldn’t be. But it is.


Plantation Style in the Catskills Side

Plantation Style in the Catskills Living

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