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From Cheese to Pie - Oysters To Bourbon

This year, Thanksgiving is going to be a local affair. That's ok! That's how the tradition started - neighbors sharing the fruits of their labor in thanksgiving for surviving a really rough year. Sound familiar? Staying close to home this year has an upside. Forgoing the car ride to your relatives will allow you the time to seek out local treasures and give them a try. We put together this list of local providers to share with you. Each one of these local businesses has the stamp of approval from a "Local Expert". 

General Provisions

While it's easy to head to the supermarket to buy a bag of carrots and a case of paper towels, we are lucky enough to have other options. There are farmers markets

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To some of us the Catskills and Hudson Valley may seem a little crowded right now. Downstate has discovered Upstate and while we don't mind sharing, some days we long for the quiet the region promised. Our "Local Experts" put together a list of rarely frequented walks and hikes in the area that won't be treacherous in winter weather. These are not the same hikes and walks you'll find in the newspaper articles about discovering the Hudson Valley and the hiking manuals on the Catskills. These are spots that are off the beaten path, frequented by locals and not too busy. One of the most wonderful things about the region is the amount of protected land that quietly sits at so many bends in our country roads. Dress warmly, wear the right kind of footwear

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Ski Homes For Sale in Ulster & Greene Counties

      "Winter is Coming." The ominous and oft-repeated line from
       Game of Thrones is meant to make us all deeply nervous. For
       many it does just that! We're looking down the barrel at a winter
       the Farmer's Almanac promises will bring a "snow comeback"
       to the Northeast - at a time when being outdoors is considered
       the safest place to socialize. For some, this will seem like a real
       bummer of a combo - lots of the white stuff and a need to be
       out in it. BUT, for those who love downhill skiing, snowshoeing,
       cross-country skiing, tubing and bundling up for a s'mores roast 
       hearing "Winter is coming" brings a tingle of anticipation and a yen

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Change Your Life - Start a Business Upstate

2020 has been the strangest of years. Admittedly there have been some very dark moments, but in some cases those dark moments have lead people to change their lives in ways they only allowed themselves to daydream about before 2020. Some have used this time to learn new skills, some have used it to spend more time with their families - keeping their circle close, and some have decided to finally take the leap to launch the small business they've been thinking about but never could quite find the time or energy for before. Most businesses need the right space and the right location. With so many people moving to the Catskills and Hudson Valley there's an opportunity to start a business in an area that's

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Living Kingston Magazine

Joan Lonergan: Family, Business, Advocacy

Joan Lonergan, Principal Broker/Owner and founder of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty was featured in the October 2020 issue of Kingston Living Magazine. 

By Vincent Nugent, Photo credit:

Joan Lonergan, founding partner, principal broker and owner of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, considers herself an eternal optimist. At the time she opened her business, after she had spent only one year in sales, IBM had just closed its doors in Kingston, laying off nearly 6,000 workers. Yet, despite the fact that the area's real estate market was drying up, Joan persisted, as she explained. " It could be said that I had more nerves than brains ...

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