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Things To Do In The Catskills & Hudson Valley 2020


Events in The Catskills & Hudson Valley

Our calendar isn't nearly as packed as it normally is this time of year, but that makes each event a bit more exciting! 

 Phoenicia Festival Of The Voice | Kingston, NY | August 29th

The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice is usually a several day celebration of songs of all types. This year, the organizers wisely retooled the event to a single big production of Puccini's Tosca, done drive-in style. Way to be creative and combine high brow opera with down-home nostalgia! The event has been moved to Kingston's Tech City campus which can accommodate up to 600 cars filled with opera lovers. Super fun - Super safe!


Things To Do In The Catskills & Hudson Valley 2020 

 A Mid-Summer Night's Dream | Rhinebeck | July 7th-18th

It just wouldn't

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All About Outside

This summer everyone in New York State has an inside=bad, outside=good mindset. Luckily, outside is what we do here! So, here are my recommendations for ways you can really enjoy the outdoors this summer. Dig right in!

Ashokan Rail Trail Go Swimming

Ashokan Rail Trail

Everyone is loving the Ashokan Rail Trail that opened in the fall and was recently completed. 11.5 miles of beautiful Ulster County scenery to enjoy on foot, wheels, or paw. Click here for all the details.

Go Swimming

Where can you get in the water!!!??? It doesn't matter what else is going on; it's summer, and it's hot. If you don't have a friend Upstate with a pool, here are some places where you can cool off. Hudson Valley Magazine made a handy
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Shinrin Yokuo Forest Bathing In The Catskills

This summer everyone in New York State has an inside=bad, outside=good mindset. Maybe you're a hiker, or a mountain biker and with the absence of the obligatory parties and events that would normally distract you from your hobby you've been able to do more of what you love this spring and summer. Great! You probably already consciously or unconsciously understand the healing power of time in a forest. Maybe you're not into those things, and you find yourself doing a whole lot of swiping right now! If you find yourself at the bottom of a Pinterest pit you might want to consider doing something you've never done before - Shinrin Yoku.

The Japanese art of forest bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, was developed in the 1980's as a therapy to combat the downsides

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