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Big Sky Waterfront In The Northeast

Schoharie County Real Estate

It’s time to get a little deep about our real estate.

“And this, our life exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.”

                                                                                        - William Shakespeare 


gilboa real estate


I love the Northeastern part of America. Quaint towns, deep forests, mossy mountain paths. No matter where you go (exclusive of the coast), it feels cozy. I love the Western part of the country too, for one reason. The expansive landscapes. When you stand amid a completely open landscape where miles of wide-open nature confront you, you realize your place in the world, your “self” adjusts to

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25 Maple Avenue, Milton NY - Luxury Upstate Waterfront Real Estate For Sale

25 Maple Avenue Milton NY


Marlborough just may be the sleeper hit of the Hudson Valley. While nearby towns like Kingston, Newburgh, New Paltz and Highland are being “mentioned”, “instagrammed” and blogged about constantly, Marlborough sits quietly next to the river keeping its’ secrets. It’s convenient to the city, and close to a host of fun activities and great restaurants. But still it goes unnoticed by the masses!

of the secrets Marlborough is keeping is a knock-you-down stunning lake house escape in the Hamlet of Milton. You might expect luxury homes with Hudson River views from Marlborough. That makes sense! But a luxury lake house accessed by a long, gated drive off an unassuming

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