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Hudson Valley Radio | Monday Night Polka

Polka Night


Every Monday I am in our Kingston Real Estate Office. After work a bunch of the staff heads to an exercise class together and then I grab some sushi for my ride home (I live further south in the Hudson Valley). All of this stuff is pretty fun, sushi....work...workout. But the thing that I've come to look forward to the most on Mondays is something I never thought I'd look forward to at all. Polka. 

One of the great things about living in an area like the Hudson Valley and Catskills, where the arts are really important to people, is that even the artiest amongst us are forced into the occassional encounter with an art form we don't know anything about. Maybe we never heard of it, maybe we heard of it

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(photo via 100 Mile)


We opened our newest Real Estate office in Rhinebeck NY a few weeks ago, and we all got a little bonus. We knew it was coming, but for Real Estate people, the perk that is working in a village filled with great home decor shops cannot to be underestimated. Window shopping while picking up a mid-afternoon iced coffee at Bread Alone is a real coffee break. Daydreaming about that outdoor ottoman made of synthetic turf is a great way to take a little brain break. We've been selling property in and around Rhinebeck for decades, and we'd stop in the village for a quick peek. But nothing compares to getting the scoop on a one of a kind item because you check in every few days. We're so glad to be there! Here are the home goods

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2 Farmhouses for Sale - Catskills & Shawangunks

So many Ulster County homebuyers are looking for farmhouses with barns. When we search for homes we’re so often searching for something much more than a space to place our couch so we can binge watch some Netflix. Some of us are searching for open air, a connection to the land, a connection to history, to be surrounded by a craftsmanship that is uncommon in today’s world, or to have the space to make our art. Perhaps we’re looking to be enchanted, swept away by the fulfillment of our perfect-house dreams. Whatever we’re all looking for in a home, many of us find the farmhouse a perfect fit.

This year housing inventory is uncommonly low in Ulster County. In 2014 between April 1st and May 30th,

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