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We've had incredible success marketing the homes we list with Video Tours. Sure every homeowner wants a video tour taken of their property. It's a bit flattering right? Like having your picture appear in the local newspaper. But beyond the little vanity boost do video tours really do anything to promote your home to buyers? Is it possible they can make it sell faster? Or for a higher price? Absolutely! Take a look at one of our tours before you read on!

You'd live there right?



Here are the top five reasons to have a video tour taken of your property.


#1. You'll Be Forced To Get Your Home 100% Showing Ready

You've seen all the staging shows, you've read all the articles. Of course you live in your home. But

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As soon as I finished posting our list of Hudson Valley Writers I thought, jeez I should post about Hudson Valley musicians too. I needed some help with this one. I listen to showtunes. Period. So, I emailed a couple of friends who are very hooked into the music scene (read: hip, cool, and unique) so that I could get you a list of local artists who sing something other than "Oh What A Beautiful Morning!" from Oklahoma! 



Our first list comes from Mark Lerner who is both the bassist for Life In A Blender (that's him, first on the left), a NYC based band that the New Yorker once called "Rife with oddness." I love that. Mark lives in Phoenicia, NY, is a GREAT graphic designer (when he's not playing bass), and is very involved in the

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