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Uptown Kingston - Convenient Historic Home For Sale

“Location, Location, Location” – may be Real Estate’s greatest cliché. There’s a reason that so many Real Estate agents emphasize the importance of location; because they’ve seen it all! They’ve seen the couple who have come from the city to start a llama farm on 50 acres in the middle of nowhere, who then go quietly insane when the only “people” to talk to are their llamas. They’ve seen the country mouse who buys a house right near an 8 lane highway because they love its kitchen so much that they think they’ll be able to ignore the sound of “semi’s” passing by as they whip up shrimp tacos on a Saturday night, and find that those “semi’s” are hard to ignore. Real Estate agents encourage their

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 Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty - Leaders in Luxury

As the leader in Hudson Valley and Catskills luxury sales since 2011*, we offer luxury buyers and sellers the ultimate in service. Here are just a few of the luxury properties we have listed at the moment. Click the property the property listings at the bottom of the page for all the details, all the photos, and the videos of these lovely homes. Want to search more luxury property? You can search luxury homes in Upstate NY here. If you're interested in listing your luxury property we're happy to come tour it, provide you with advice, and present you with our marketing options. Contact one of our real estate agents or contact us here.




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 Ulster County Acreage - A Farm, Homestead,

or Personal Park

A bucolic farmhouse on a country road lined by huge maples. Over 100 acres of land to wander, and a barn. A barn! For sheep, or parties, or a rope swing. Or for all of those things! That’s “the dream”, isn’t it?

Here’s the rub; in the Catskills there are just not enough bucolic homesteads to fulfill the dreams of the masses. They are far more rare than we real estate professions want to admit to ourselves. It’s tough when we can’t fulfill the dreams of everyone who comes to us for help. So, when a property comes on the market that so perfectly satisfies “the dream”, we want to shout out! Shout from the perfectly pitched rooftop of that farmhouse, so that everyone can have a fair

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In Campbell Hall, a small Hamlet of Orange County, next door to an upscale boutique condominium complex called Blackburn Farm, down the road from golf and horseback riding, and just an hour from the city, is an authentic piece of mid-century real estate, a true bit of Americana; “The House”.

We’re living through a time when mid-century modern style is so hip that the label is being slapped on any house or piece of furniture that happened to be built during the mid-1900’s regardless of whether the characteristics are in congress with the definition of mid-century style. Here are those characteristics according to all-knowing Wikepedia:              

  • ample windows
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Great Game Rooms of The Hudson Valley and Catskills

You know what I love about fall? The Chill. I don't just mean the chill in the air (which is delicious), I mean the fact that in the fall, I can chill! All summer I feel obligated to knock it out of the park, to have as much outdoor fun as humanly possible. Hiking, swimming, boating, beach walking, bbq'ing, playing guitar on the lawn, supervising night time games of man-hunt, biking, family shoehorns the maximum amount of activity into every single day. It can get a! In the summer I feel like going inside is a betrayal of a glorious gift. That's a lot of pressure!

Every year by the time we get to Labor Day I am so ready for a stiff breeze to roll in.

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