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Are You Right For Country Condominium Living?


When you think of moving to the Hudson Valley - packing up the contents of your teensie weensie apartment further Downstate or moving from a place that maybe doesn't have quite the same lifestyle advantages of the great Hudson Valley, what do you picture? Do you picture a farmhouse with cool antique details that you'll highlight with some modern decor? Do you picture an ultra-modern, green-built, square-shaped house with no neighbors in sight? Do you picture a little cottage by a stream that's just the right size for you, your significant other and that puppy you really want? You're not alone! Many of our buyers picture this. But let's do a little exercise....


Question #1: Do you think this

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Get Some Green From a Hudson Valley CSA 

My parents have a biodynamic farm in Maine.

What is biodynamic farming?

Biodynamic is beyond Organic. You use only what you find on your own land to fertilize and support what you produce, animal and vegetable. So how has it come to pass that I have the blackest of black thumbs? It seems I can't even grow parsely, and I have a herd of deer that live in my backyard. Right now I have so many home improvement projects on the docket that even considering adding building a fenced-in garden to the list makes me feel....well.....not nice. However I grew up spending summers eating my Mom's yummy veggies. She used to chase me out of the garden because I would eat all the peas off the vines before she

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With Guest Blogger Martha Frankel, Woodstock Writers Festival

For months I've been searching for a resource to help me put together a reading list of books by local Hudson Valley authors to share with our newsletter subscribers. I've always been a sucker for locally grown talent. When I was in high school my friend's older brother was an up-and-coming folk singer. He came to do a concert at our school and I've been an Ellis Paul fan ever since (give him a listen, great songwriter). I think that sharing the same geography with an artist can give you an extra connection to their work. Maybe you'll find a little extra comfort or meaning by taking in the creations of those who have walked the same ground as you. Well, I searched high and low for a good

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Farmhouse on acre after acre with Hudson River frontage! That's the ultimate dream right? They are fewer and more far between than you might imagine. But we have one! On 57 acres, which is kind of unheard of on the river at this price range. This is my "Pick of the Week". Great original features, wide board floors, authentic antique farmhouse wallpaper, a BUNGALOW where you can stash your guests, and of course, the views, views, views! Here's the video:


It's in Ulster Park which unless you're from Ulster County you may not have heard of. Ulster Park is about 12/15 minutes out of Kingston, NY which has been touted as the new Brooklyn. What Hudson Valley town hasn't right? I think that in the case of Kingston the touters might have it

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Kids Hiking in the Catskills

  Woo-hoo! The weather's great! You're ready to strap on some hiking boots and hit the trails of the Catskill Mountains. One problem. The little people. You want to spend some quality time with Mother Nature and the kids in your life. But you don't want that quality time to involve a whine-fest. What to do? There are two ingredients to a pleasant family trek: 1. timing 2. choosing the right hike.    My Dad who was an Elementary School Principal for decades gave me some great advice when my daughter was old enough for me to start including her in outings; 90% of having a good time with kids is timing. Don't start the hike anywhere near what is normally a mealtime for them. Give them some real food before you set out and take some snacks. My…
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