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Of course the Hudson Valley is bucolic. Of course there are farmers' markets and country fairs. But there are also two very special Broadway-style theatres here in the Hudson Valley that make going to shows there feel positively metropolitan!  The Bardavon Opera House is a classic renovated theatre in the city of Poughkeepsie, and Ulster Performing Arts Center is located in the midtown neighborhood of historic Kingston.  Over the years I have been lucky to see amazing shows in both houses: Natalie Merchant, Black Crowes, Jerry Lee Lewis, Patti Smith, Patti Labelle, Whoopie Goldberg, Joan Rivers, Anthony Bourdain, John Waters, Liza Manelli, Kathy Griffin, Blondie, and more, more, more.  Both theatres have the architecture, seating and acoustics you

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 Three Great Hudson River Lifestyle Properties

I live in a 130 year old home on the Hudson River and wouldn’t trade it for any place on Earth, (even Ipanema)!  When I’m not out selling Hudson Valley homes, I’m usually home taking pictures of all the things I see each day on the Hudson.  I'm on the Ulster County side which faces east and gets incredible sun and moon rises, (my cell phone is filled with pictures of them).  During low tide (a lot of people don’t know the Hudson is a tidal waterway) I can walk out almost to the shipping channel.

There are three properties that have recently come up for sale on the river. I've been in all 3!  Hudson River properties are rare and usually sell fast so as soon as they're available I see them!

This first

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Farmhouse on acre after acre with Hudson River frontage! That's the ultimate dream right? They are fewer and more far between than you might imagine. But we have one! On 57 acres, which is kind of unheard of on the river at this price range. This is my "Pick of the Week". Great original features, wide board floors, authentic antique farmhouse wallpaper, a BUNGALOW where you can stash your guests, and of course, the views, views, views! Here's the video:


It's in Ulster Park which unless you're from Ulster County you may not have heard of. Ulster Park is about 12/15 minutes out of Kingston, NY which has been touted as the new Brooklyn. What Hudson Valley town hasn't right? I think that in the case of Kingston the touters might have it

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