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 A Real Estate Parody of "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the strangest of times! Last Saturday we were busy preparing for our annual Holiday get together at my partner, Candida Ellis' house, and it STRUCK! At three in the morning I was chuckling to myself like Saint Nick himself as I wrote this little parody of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". We take our business pretty seriously, but what better time is there to let go of that, let loose, and get silly than the Holiday Party? Here I am, joined by Candida and our awesome team of Managers and Staff "singing" my masterpiece. We may not be the most put-together choir but we make a great team! 



"May your walls know joy, May every room

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So many people come to Hudson Valley - Catskills Real Estate Agents looking for their “place in the country”. Sometimes when we delve deeper, we find their dream is really “small village living”, or “small city living”. Luckily Hudson Valley Real Estate and Catskills Real Estate offer up options for all these lifestyles. For those people who truly want to lead a peaceful, bucolic, country life, there’s a particularly nice home on the market right now that fits the bill perfectly.

One of the nicest things about living in the country is being able to enjoy the byway that brings you home. 231 Hardenburgh Road in Ulster Park is approached via a lovely winding country road that takes you past a Christmas Tree farm, and over a bridge above the Swarte

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Orange County New Construction - Make Your Own Miracle

Miracle on 34th Street. It's a heartwarming classic. I have to admit though that it is not my  favorite Holiday movie. But there is a moment in it that I love. At the end, when they drive up to the house... and it's perfect. It's not a mansion, it's not wildly unusual, it's a home. And Susan LOVE'S IT. I get it. In that moment Susan and I are sympatico. There's nothing like a home.



Who wouldn't love that house? It's in a neighborhood that looks like it's safe to ride a bike in. It has a yard, and from that yard you can see down the street to other yards where there will likely be someone to play with, share tools with, compare pet behavior with, and say "Hi" to at the Post

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