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Luxury Real Estate For Sale In The Catskills 

Welcome to Chateau DeVue

The Penthouse In The Catskills


Who doesn’t remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere), discuss his penchant for penthouses, despite his great fear of heights? When Vivian asks why he’s rented the penthouse when he’s too afraid to enjoy the view, Edward answers, “Because it’s the best.”



 Welcome to Chateau DeVue, a rapturous mountain retreat set high on the peaks of the beautiful Catskills - it’s “the best”; the ultimate in luxury, with views to match the extravagance of the property.

 Luxury Homes For Sale Upstate NY


Chateau DeVue is the combination of two distinct properties, that together, offer a unique weekend escape. Located in Lexington, which, although not a

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Shop For Sale Woodstock NY


The Catskills Has TONS Of Space For Business... Right?


Space…it seems like there’s plenty of it here in the Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskills region. We’ve got thousands of acres of protected land, unspoiled vistas, and long winding roads with only occasional dwellings. Compared to New York City and the greater metropolitan area, we have space on parade. But, when it comes to retail space in the village that’s the region’s totem, space is…sparse.

If you’ve been waiting to start a business or wishing you could move your current business to a better location, good news - 2,360 square feet of commercial space has just become available in Woodstock; Lotus Fine Art and Design at 33 Rock City Road is on the market. 


Commercial Space Woodstock NY


33 Rock City

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