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7 Woodstock Ridge For Sale - Summer Dreaming

Something funny happens in New York in February. Whilst residents are making good use of their winter toolkit: the windshield brush, the bucket of salt in the corner of the garage, the boots, the hair-wrecking hats, the ubiquitous puffy coat - whilst they struggle with the trappings of winter, New Yorkers, almost to the man, do something amazing; they ignore their icy reality and begin to dream of their summer. They plan out what they’re going to do, where they’re going to do it, and who they’ll do it with, just as soon as they can get into some shorts and a pair of sandals.

Catskills Screen Porch

Catskills Tree Houses

In February New Yorkers dream of hammocks and good books, strings of patio lights and

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Catskills Log Home For Sale Bearsville

21-25 Rose Lane, Bearsville, NY 12498 - Catskills Log Home For Sale

“In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind made moan…”

Frosty wind has certainly made moan this December and January. It’s been cold, it’s been bleak, and everyone in the Upstate region has been spending more time in our homes than we’re accustomed to. In this sort of weather, home becomes very important. The less stuffy your home is, the less likely you are to get a raging case of cabin fever. You want a home that’s warm and cheerful. A home that lifts your spirits and encourages you to look out the windows, to go outside, and not to burrow deeper into the vortex of your sofa. 21-25 Rose Lane in Bearsville in Ulster County NY is the perfect place to ride out the winter; feeling

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A Contemporary Woodstock Home For Sale - Relax, Recharge, Play & Jólabókaflóð!

julabokaflod in woodstock ny real estate for sale

64 plochmann lane

Winter is here, the holidays are upon us. It’s Christmas Eve and if you’ve been on the internet lately you’ve probably seen the memes about the Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóð, the annual “Yule Book Flood”. Long story short - on Christmas Eve everyone in Iceland gets a book (or a few) to cozy up with. How delightful. Instead of maniacally wrapping last minute gifts, making sure the cookies you leave out for Santa will beat the pants off those your neighbor’s family is leaving, or dragging yourself out of the house to another holiday party, you’re expected to cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy some literature surrounded by your people. No matter what your holiday

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Summer Camp Grows Up

If you went to summer camp, you have nostalgia for summer camp; it’s as simple as that. Every time you start to forget how much fun you had, how free you felt, you see a canoe atop a car, or you scroll through Netflix and catch “Wet Hot American Summer” and laugh until you cry. You want to go back! Now! 

Guess what? You can. 65 Hollow Road in Woodstock NY was once a boy’s camp. The mess hall is there, the bunk house is there, the pond, the pool, the WATER SLIDE. But it’s all been converted into a private paradise. The perfect place for you and your friends spend your weekends reliving your childhood.

In a hidden meadow on the outskirts of Woodstock New York, five buildings offer a variety of living spaces, creative spaces,

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Woodstock's Real Estate Photographer Kicks off The Holiday Season in Woodstock NY

One of my favorite events in the yearly Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty calendar is the annual Halloween Parade that winds its way up and down the main thoroughfare in Woodstock. Here’s a selection of my favorite pictures from this year.

Woodstock Halloween 2017   Woodstock NY Halloween Parade  Lacey Mcintyre Coldwell Banker Village Green  Woodstock Holiday Truck    Unicorn and Mom  Creepy Woodstock Halloween Parade             Zeus    Laurie Ylvisaker, Sheena Lepez, Lacey Mcintyre Coldwell Banker    Magical Creatures in Woodstock    

I always show up expecting to see mostly patient parents leading adorable kids on their yearly chocolate-fueled treasure hunt; but every year, no matter how many times I’m called on to take photographs of the parade, what I find is much more than that. 

It seems like the whole town empties out into the street, young and old dressed in every imaginable get-up. They greet each other

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A Hudson Valley Victorian With Real Character 

Kingston NY Real Estate West Chester

Kingston NY Real Estate For Sale

Who doesn’t love a character?

Who’s your favorite person to have dinner with? Someone who’s steadfast but quiet, or your quirky friend who throws you more curveballs than Noah Syndergaard? I already know the answer. What type of actors are guaranteed to have the longest careers? That’s right. Character actors. And what is the most often requested feature of a home? You guessed it. Character!

When you think about it, “character” is a somewhat vague thing to request when you’re talking about a home. There are so many kinds of character. When you say character, you might mean you want a giant vertical atrium that ascends through the center of the home. You might

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Horseback Riding in The Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Hunter Pace Candida Ellis

All my life I was completely obsessed with horses. When I was a child, growing up in England, all I wanted was a rocking horse. I never got one.

Stop. This is not going to be the whiny story of my sad inner child, fed only with hand-me-down toys. It is, in fact, a story of realized dreams.

When a rocking horse wasn’t forthcoming, I downgraded my expectations somewhat and asked for a hobby horse. You remember those; a stick with a stuffed animal horse head on the end? I never got one of those either.

Fortunately I have a Dad who loved to ride and found a way to combine his Daddy duties with his favorite pastime. I was often the only (very tiny) child on a wild adult ride, galloping behind on my small

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Megan Offner NY Heartwoods


I think most of us feel an innate connection to wood. Homebuyers can't help but run their hands across a live edge wood surface that has been carefully incorporated into a home’s design. Many of us who choose to live in the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions call ourselves "tree huggers". Sometimes this is because of our desire to protect our natural environment, sometimes it's also because we like to hug trees. Literally. I’ve been known to give a tree a good tight squeeze. I also grew up with a woodworker – the smell of wood shavings is the smell of my childhood. Wood and me are like THIS.

So, when I recently had the opportunity to meet a kindred spirit I was ecstatic. This was someone who loves wood too – probably even more than I

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So many people move to the Catskills and Hudson Valley so they can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. A great thought! But days can become filled with errands and work, social appointments and obligations of all sorts. It IS possible to move here and end up spending as little time outdoors as you did when you lived in the city or the ‘burbs. Horrors! But, there’s a way to be sure you live the lifestyle you sought.

Choosing a house that is interconnected with the natural world is the key to ensuring you get connected to it too. A house with easy access to the outdoors - from multiple egresses, through large glass windows uninterrupted by fussy decorations, a house that has outdoor spaces that invite gatherings and are just as comfortable as the

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Musical Pedigree & Elegance - 441 Clum Hill Road, Hunter, NY

441 Clum Hill Road

Drama. It’s everywhere. Even in our homes. When it comes to residential theatricality there are two types: good and bad. We’re all familiar with the bad sort – teenagers slamming doors, toddlers crying over spilled milk, etc, etc. But the good type of drama isn’t always immediately obvious, unless your home is at 441 Clum Hill Road in Hunter, NY. This house is a shining paragon of the right kind of domestic drama!

The drama begins with 441 Clum Hill Road’s storied pedigree. It was built in 1902 as a personal residence with impressive architecture designed to capture equally impressive views. Later it became a school for the study of Opera. Singers, teachers, musicians, conductors

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