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At Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty we strive to be the best company out there, a company where employees, agents, and our clients feel valued and excited by what we’re all about. It’s moments like these when we know that our core values of, “Home, History, Ethics, and Excellence,” are hitting a real estate sweet-spot!

Today, we’re celebrating the return of our Regional Sales Manager, Amy Forste.

After a short hiatus Amy has returned to CBVGR as one of two Regional Sales Managers, joining her long-time colleague Jeanine Stoddard and CBVGR’s more than 130 Hudson Valley and Catskills real estate agents to carry out the company’s mission to, “Make Real Estate Experiences What They Should Be.” Everyone from our agents, to our staff, to

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Red Hook NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Valerie Hoffmann in an exhibition titled Earth, Sky, & Beyond as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

Valerie Hoffmann attended the Pratt Institute in NYC. Following a career in Architectural Design, she continued her studies at The Art Students League, where she renewed her love of drawing and painting. 

Her work embodies various techniques, often in mixed mediums, transforming realism into abstract forms by manipulating paint to create "accidents" while still respecting and maintaining the relationship with her subject. Her subjects often explore form and texture in organic shapes and elements found in nature. 

The pieces exhibited at

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From Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty

New Catskills and Hudson Valley Homes For Sale


Oh my! This September we have so many gorgeous new property listings from cottages to modern homes built from green materials never before used in the Hudson Valley. I've picked out a few for our newsletter subscribers. Interested? Speak to your local expert.

563 Route 214, Chichester, NY 12416

Chichester Cottage

This darling cottage in Chichester sits on a pretty bend in the road on the way out of Phoenicia. Recently renovated, it's ready for you to fill with cute furniture, love, and fun. Not familiar with Chichester? Think "mountain living" and you'll have it just about right! Fresh mountain air, rushing streams, and the

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We all know that bees are vital to our survival. They make our all our food happen! Bees are also endlessly fascinating, romantic, and the makers of the most shelf-stable food on the planet – while man cannot live on bread alone, we might be able to live off bees and their honey. Enter September - honey month! Regardless of your interest level in honey – from “I just put it in my tea every once in a while,” to, “I want to devote my life to bees, honey, and wax!”, the Catskills and Hudson Valley have honey resources for you. This September we’re taking a little tour of the honey landscape round-about – we’ve even got some property recommendations if you want to become a hobbyist beekeeper or start your own full-blown, for-profit apiary.  


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Read Full Post's mushroom month! And why not? Mushrooms are delicious, a great excuse to go into the woods, and a way to experience the thrill of a hunt with zero carnage. Let's celebrate that! In the quiet places of the Catskills and Hudson Valley we have a wide range of "fungus among-us". I always get a special thrill when I find a grouping of mushrooms on a log that's seen better days or in the amidst a field of moss; but even I was surprised by the beautiful variety one forager found in a mere 24 hour period last (you guessed it!) September. Check these lovelies out!

Now, if you want to eat what you find in the forest, you obviously have to take care; sometimes nature makes the most beautiful things dangerous! Luckily Mycologists (they study

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Albert Einstein said, “I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin.” September is Classical Music Month, and if the arguably greatest mind of the last century found his greatest joy in making music, even with all his storied accomplishments, who are we to not take advantage of this month with the goal of discerning if it will bring us equal joy, either through listening or playing.



Maverick Concerts

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s first office was in the Catskills town of Woodstock – famous, even before the 1969 festival that bore its name, for rock music. But Woodstock was a home for music long before Elvis brought rock and roll to most people’s attention (argue among yourselves about that if you must),

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September is a notoriously busy month everywhere–not just in the Hudson Valley and Catskills! If you’re someone involved in teaching or going to school it can be hard to squeeze in fun. Here are some very low commitment events to attend throughout the Catskills and Hudson Valley. In October we’ll hit you with all the big stuff!


Featured Event

Cat’s Meow Gala and Auction

Where: Catskill, New York

Sunday, September 18th. The coveted Catskills Cats are going up for auction this month. The auction is an event near and dear to our hearts at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty. Every year we sponsor one of the Catskill Cats - the creations of local artists which line the streets of Catskill all summer long making tourists

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Red Hook NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Renee Samuels in an exhibition with works from her collections Field and Homage To Something as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

Renee Samuels was born in Vermont, grew up outside of Boston, attended Boston University, and moved to Woodstock, NY in 1987 where she worked as an Art Editor for the Woodstock Times. She has privately taught and shown throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills region - most recently, at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Athen's Cultural Center, and Spencertown Academy Arts Center.

Renee paints from her home studio in Woodstock looking out to a woodsy back yard with regular visits from local wildlife. Her love of

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Things To Do In Upstate New York! Being in the Real Estate biz, we're plugged into the event scene across the many counties of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. We love all the creativity we're seeing! It seems that our neighbors spent the quiet pandemic time coming up with new and different ways for us to have fun together (without discarding the best of the old ways). We shout, "hooray" for Painting With Ponies, a no-phone music and camping festival, and a nighttime market featuring "exotic oddities". We've culled together a list of concerts, festivals, fairs, farmer's markets, and other happening events in the Hudson Valley and Catskills for summer 2022 that we're excited for. We hope to see you at some of them! Look for the Coldwell Banker

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One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to be a conscientious citizen of the planet is to use native species in your garden and landscaping. As Hudson Valley and Catskills real estate experts, we at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty know that this is a concern close to many buyers' hearts.

Never have we ever heard a homebuyer say they weren't keen on a plot of land because it was decorated with native plants - no one's shouting, "NOOOO, not a serviceberry tree!!!!" - and we have all worked with buyers who put a landscape of local plants on their wishlist in order to live "greenly".  As Local Experts, we're happy to give suggestions about everything from plumbers and interior decorators to electricians and gourmet shops (both solicited and un

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