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Find Enchantment in Chichester, a Hamlet in Ulster County NY

There’s a hamlet in the Catskills that people from beyond the park’s borders haven’t always heard of. No, it’s not Phoenicia, the cat’s out of the bag on that one. It’s closethough. A bend in Route 214 on the way out of Phoenicia protects the special hamlet of Chichester from the gaze of the outside world. If you come around that bend, and slow down long enough to notice, you might find yourself pulling over to get a better look at this unique little enclave. Chichester was founded by the sons of the builder of the famous Catskill Mountain House, as a place for their furniture factory employees to live and work. They built 44 buildings in a style that might be

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Couldn’t we all use a little more charm in our lives?

This Catskills Cottage in Ulster County has the answer.

With responsibilities and technology gobbling up the bulk of our days, we’re left with so little time for charm. You see it in the movie theatre – between the disaster films and the comic book heroes finding today’s “Sleepless in Seattle” takes effort. You see it in design – straight lines and plastic are everywhere. Many times you see it in the homes built in the last few decades too. Special touches that invite you to sit down and zone-out with a cup of tea are tragically scarce.

If your charm tank is running on empty, here’s a solution. 654 Watson Hollow Road in West Shokan. The charm here begins with the front porch and

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A Real Estate Parody of "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the strangest of times! Last Saturday we were busy preparing for our annual Holiday get together at my partner, Candida Ellis' house, and it STRUCK! At three in the morning I was chuckling to myself like Saint Nick himself as I wrote this little parody of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". We take our business pretty seriously, but what better time is there to let go of that, let loose, and get silly than the Holiday Party? Here I am, joined by Candida and our awesome team of Managers and Staff "singing" my masterpiece. We may not be the most put-together choir but we make a great team! 


"May your walls know joy, May every room hold

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So many people come to Hudson Valley - Catskills Real Estate Agents looking for their “place in the country”. Sometimes when we delve deeper, we find their dream is really “small village living”, or “small city living”. Luckily Hudson Valley Real Estate and Catskills Real Estate offer up options for all these lifestyles. For those people who truly want to lead a peaceful, bucolic, country life, there’s a particularly nice home on the market right now that fits the bill perfectly.

One of the nicest things about living in the country is being able to enjoy the byway that brings you home. 231 Hardenburgh Road in Ulster Park is approached via a lovely winding country road that takes you past a Christmas Tree farm, and over a bridge above the

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Orange County New Construction - Make Your Own Miracle

Miracle on 34th Street. It's a heartwarming classic. I have to admit though that it is not my  favorite Holiday movie. But there is a moment in it that I love. At the end, when they drive up to the house... and it's perfect. It's not a mansion, it's not wildly unusual, it's a home. And Susan LOVE'S IT. I get it. In that moment Susan and I are sympatico. There's nothing like a home.

Who wouldn't love that house? It's in a neighborhood that looks like it's safe to ride a bike in. It has a yard, and from that yard you can see down the street to other yards where there will likely be someone to play with, share tools with, compare pet behavior with, and say "Hi" to at the Post

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Thanksgiving weekend is pretty special to me. I do not shop, I do not in fact, go anywhere. I use this one long weekend a year to enjoy what I consider to be the perfect country weekend. I stay at home amidst the woods and fields of my parents’ farm and my family does the things that country people do on Thanksgiving weekend. If you’re going to be in the Hudson Valley and Catskills this holiday weekend, I’m happy to share my country alternatives to shopping with you. If you don’t want to run around like a turkey with your head cut off this weekend do some or all of these:

1. Bonfire Bocce.

I’ve never understood bocce on a beach! To me bocce should be played on a rutty field to make it really challenging. If it’s intermittently soggy, so

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Affordable Upstate NY Real Estate

So many of the calls and emails we receive every day are from homebuyers searching for a home or a second home in the Catskills and Hudson Valley area under $200,000. There are always some great options for our agents to show these homebuyers, homes that are in their price range and fit their lifestyles and dreams. But, I was doing my weekly peruse of our recent new listings today and I thought "JEEZ, we have a TON of really great homes under $200,000!" I found myself getting psyched for all the people out there who are looking for the perfect place at this price point - we could all use a really great nest right now! Many of the available homes have some features that you'd only expect to find in homes at higher

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125 Griffin Drive, Hurley - “Move in Ready”…Really.

“Move In Ready” – it means so many different things to different people. Here’s what it means to us… you don’t have to do anything to a home in order to make it comfortable for you. The interior of the home is ready for your furniture and the exterior is ready for you to enjoy! Landscaping? It’s mature, attractive and in good condition. The entry to the house is appealing and there’s a pathway that doesn’t need to be weeded, pointed, paved or messed-with in any way. You can just go ahead and prance down that pathway carrying your favorite painting, head to the living room, and hang it above the fireplace!

“Move In Ready” means there’s plenty of available space for all your stuff. If you want

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Join Us! Ghouls and Gals, Get Ready For Your Closeup!

During todays parade (approx 4-6) stop by our Woodstock Real Estate Office, at 11-13 Mill Hill Road and have your Halloween Portrait taken by our on-staff photographer. Later this week your portraits will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Here are some of our favorites from last year. We can't wait to meet some new Woodstock characters.

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Uptown Kingston - Convenient Historic Home For Sale

“Location, Location, Location” – may be Real Estate’s greatest cliché. There’s a reason that so many Real Estate agents emphasize the importance of location; because they’ve seen it all! They’ve seen the couple who have come from the city to start a llama farm on 50 acres in the middle of nowhere, who then go quietly insane when the only “people” to talk to are their llamas. They’ve seen the country mouse who buys a house right near an 8 lane highway because they love its kitchen so much that they think they’ll be able to ignore the sound of “semi’s” passing by as they whip up shrimp tacos on a Saturday night, and find that those “semi’s” are hard to ignore. Real Estate agents encourage their

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