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Let Freedom Ring, Let Freedom Ring, Let Freedom Ring! At Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty the Fourth of July might be our favorite holiday. Here’s why…

  1.  The weather almost never fails to be beautiful!
  2.  There are fireworks!!! 
  3. Everyone from across the Hudson Valley and Catskills from the community groups, to the breweries and distilleries, to art galleries, to the farmers, butchers, bakers and chefs all seem to have the singular goal of giving us a great weekend! We’ll take it.

Let’s start with the main event…

Every year we fuss over whether or not to create our own guide the 4th of July fireworks celebrations in the Catskills and Hudson Valley only to discover that two local publications, Chronogram Magazine and Hudson Valley

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46 Lower Byrdcliffe, Woodstock, NY 12498

Let's go on a little tour. A tour of the kitchens, barns, baths, and porches of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. The best part of this tour is that it's not just a vicarious peek at other people's dream homes, these Upstate properties are all for sale, right now. If you see anything you'd like to tour in person contact us and we'll get you scheduled for an appointment.



4050 County Route 26, Greenville, NY 12083

A Historic Saltbox With A Modern Refresh

Just outside the village proper of Greenville, NY, this beautiful saltbox sits on a lovely country acre in the Catskill Mountains, just a short drive from both Windham Mountain Club and Hunter Mountain. The 19th century

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It's May! And while May used to be a quiet month in the Hudson Valley and Catskills Region, with very few events and a fair bit of mud, that's not the case this year! It's official; we're pronouncing that our part of Upstate NY no longer has a down season! The events of the Hudson Valley and Catskills are happening every month of the year. Read on for a curated list of festivals, exhibits, fairs, and classes from the Local Experts In Upstate Real Estate, Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty. 



April 27th Through July 27th

Inner Landscapes By Kate Radenbush

Where: Bank Arts Center, Newburgh

Experiential art exhibits aren’t always at the top of everyone’s to-do list, but maybe they should be…they can be totally

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, the leader in Hudson Valley and Catskills real estate*, proudly announces the recipients of its prestigious annual awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in sales and education as well as special contributions to the company and the real estate industry.

Each year, Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty acknowledges the excellence and spirit of its agents. This year’s award recipients were top sellers and agents who embodied Village Green’s mission: “Built on Ethics and Expertise, We Deliver Excellence To Our Agents and Our Clients; We Make Real Estate Experiences What They Should Be.”

"We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our agents," said General Manager, Amy Forste. "Some of

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Welcome, fellow adventurers, culture connoisseurs, and accidental tourists who took a right turn while searching Upstate Real Estate on our website and ended up on our Hudson Valley and Catskills events blog! As we round out the end of February and catapult ourselves into March 2024 - the air is snow-filled, culture is happening, songs are being sung, artwork hung, sap is starting to flow, and we're finding our way through this season of not quite knowing how many layers we'll need with our Upstate NY fashion sense intact, on point even! (As real estate agents we know how to pick a pair of snow boots that will work in a casual dining situation!) If you're looking for something to do this weekend, great - you've stumbled upon the right spot! 

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191-195 Woodchuck Hollow Road, Pine Hill, NY 12410

The Hudson Valley and Catskills region is the place everyone wants to be. As the Local Experts in Upstate Real Estate we’ve been selling real estate in Ulster, Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Schoharie and Sullivan County for over 30 years. These are just a few of the listings we have available right now. From timeless farmhouses with historic elegance to sleek ski homes that offer modern luxury and adventure, to tiny house escapes where there’s only room for a select few, let us be your guides to the homes for sale and the lifestyle of the communities the Hudson Valley and Catskills.



191-195 Woodchuck Hollow Road, Pine Hill, NY 12410

Pine Hill Compound

A stunning,

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The Hudson Valley Cheese Shop Crawl

There are very few universal truths in this world. Water is wet, the sky is blue, and nobody dislikes cheese. Think about it. Is there anyone you know that actively dislikes cheese? We're not talking about people who say they can’t eat it because it gives them the tummy rumbles. Those people deserve our pity and compassion. We're talking about someone who says they don’t care for cheese in general. They admit this in public! They just wander around, missing out on the world’s favorite food group, telling people about how they don’t like the smell of it, or the texture or the obvious joy it brings to a person’s life. Also, they prefer cloudy days to sunny ones and their favorite color M&M’s are brown. It sounds

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It's time for our monthly roundup of events! Looking outside any window in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region this morning you'll see a blanket of snow. That means that all the Upstate winter activities we love are a go! Right now you can ski, skate, snowshoe, winter hike, sled or have a snowball fight. You can also attend any of these events across the Upstate counties that local organizations have planned to brighten our short days whether we have snow or not. We've picked out a few events that look like a good time.There are monsters, there's 1960s pop art, lots of planting, ice sculpture, basket making, print making and some exciting performances. Enjoy! Ready to make this area your home? As the local experts in Upstate real estate we're your

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, the #1 selling real estate company in The Hudson Valley Catskills Region MLS*, is pleased to announce the successful sale of 99-103 Partition Street, a distinguished commercial building located in the heart of Saugerties, New York. Comprising three structures: two brick buildings with storefronts that house the popular beauty salon Headspace and Little Blueberry, residential apartments, and a converted carriage house, the property is a cornerstone of Saugerties’ shopping district. The property has been acquired by Home Property Group marking its first change in ownership in nearly four decades and the beginning of an exciting chapter that preserves the longstanding relationships and community ties that have

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The Catskills and Hudson Valley Region have become somewhat synonymous with small business growth. As the region has grown in popularity as a place to live and work, telecommute from, or call a second home; entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople are finding new ways and new spaces to serve the communities we share. From cozy restaurants to chic boutiques, fresh businesses are adding colorful strokes to the canvases of our villages and towns. We're here for it! As The Local Experts in Upstate Real Estate we're excited to see storefronts full and to have shopping options that allow us to meet our neighbors. Sometimes we're privileged to have a small involvement in getting the businesses started by helping the same entrepreneurs find or build their

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