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From Cheese to Pie - Oysters To Bourbon

This year, Thanksgiving is going to be a local affair. That's ok! That's how the tradition started - neighbors sharing the fruits of their labor in thanksgiving for surviving a really rough year. Sound familiar? Staying close to home this year has an upside. Forgoing the car ride to your relatives will allow you the time to seek out local treasures and give them a try. We put together this list of local providers to share with you. Each one of these local businesses has the stamp of approval from a "Local Expert". 

General Provisions

While it's easy to head to the supermarket to buy a bag of carrots and a case of paper towels, we are lucky enough to have other options. There are farmers markets with local carrots, squash, greens, green beans, mushrooms, and the host of other ingredients you'll need to make a crazy-delicious meal. Your stuffing will be better with some Hudson Valley celery! Your squash won't need any butter or sugar because it will have real local flavor. Plus, your creamed onions will give you more satisfaction when you look back on the pleasant conversation you had with the local kid working at the farmstand where you bought your onions and cream.

Here are just a few of the Farm Stands that are open despite the chill:

  Penning’s Farm Market in Warwick

   Penning's has beautiful squash, stunning brusselsprouts, pretty pies, and
   everything else from growlers to gourmet cheeses. Be ready to take your
   time when you go there - there's a lot to look at! Penning's is famous
   beyond Warwick for its homey feel and top quality goods.

   Photo courtesy of Penning's Instagram Feed - Follow them here.




  Migliorelli Farm

  Migliorelli Farms has become a household name in the Hudson Valley
  and Catskills. They have several farm stands in the region and they have
  booths at farm markets from the Bronx to Kingston. Being well-known
  doesn't make them any less local, or their veggies and fruits any less
  delicious. If you strive to keep your diet low-carb you are probably
  gawking at the gorgeous cauliflower they have on offer - now that 
  cauliflower will taste like something! Migliorelli is still delivering to some
  farmer's markets and is open in their Mt. Tremper and Red Hook locations. 

  Photo courtesy of Migliorelli's Instagram Feed - Follow Them Here


  Field Goods

  If you really aren't keen on mixing with the masses to do your Thanksgiving
  shopping there's still a way for you to get local goods; Field Goods will
  deliver them right to your door! Field Goods sources local ingredients and
  brings them to you. They deliver throughout the Catskills and Hudson
  Valley on a set schedule. Choose your own order, or let them bring you
  their "curated farm bag". 

  One of their local providers, photo courtesy of their instagram feed -
  follow them here




The Bird

Does something about sorting through a freezer case of frozen-solid butterballs looking for a focal point for your Thanksgiving meal freak you out? You're right to be freaked! Don' buy something you can't see! It could turn out to be the biggest anti-climax of your life! Don't do it! Get a local turkey. There is nothing more amazing tasting than a fresh turkey that was allowed to wander the fields showing off its caruncles. Here are just a few of the places you can pick up a "real" turkey.

  Woodstock Meats

  Right in the middle of Woodstock is an old-fashioned butcher shop with
  top-quality meats. This year for Thanksgiving they are offering 4 options
  for the Turkey connoisseur. Whether you need an 8 lb turkey or a 30 lb
  turkey they've got you covered with a turkey who once roamed free.

  Photo courtesy of Woodstock Meat's Instagram feed here.





Field Goods - See above.

  Northwind Meats 

  Northwind is located in Tivoli. Not only do they raise turkeys, they have
  goose, duck, beef, lamb, pork, and eggs! 
  Photo courtesy of Northwind's website.






The Cheese

The thing about Thanksgiving is that the meal only lasts an hour, max. You're cooking the dinner, you shouldn't have to cook anything else for the rest of the day! That's where the cheese plate comes in. Lucky for us, the Hudson Valley has some great cheesemakers. Local foodie magazine Valley Table helpfully put together an in-depth article on where you can head to put together a spread that will keep everyone's stomachs from grumbling while you cook. While there, peruse their other articles - they are a great resource for food and farm related info.


The Big Cheese

Rosendale's go-to cafe not only makes delicious ooey-gooey dishes with cheese, they sell the cheese so that you can too.




We all love the meal but those of us with a sweet tooth are always saving a large percentage of our digestive capacity for the sweets. The Rondout Valley seems to be the place for pies. Maybe it's something in the water. Here are the recommendations of our resident pie lovers:

  Saunderskill Farms

   Oh my! If you want pie variety and guaranteed deliciousness, get to
   Saunderskill Farms in Accord - stat! Here's the veritable cornucopia
   of pie flavors they offer: Apple, Apple Crumb, Caramel Apple Walnut,
   Peachberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Five Fruit, Blueberry, Blueberry
   Crumb, Cherry, Peach, Coconut Custard, Red Raspberry Crumb,
   Pecan, Chocolate Creme, Pumpkin, and Mince. If you haven't already
   started wearing your Thanksgiving pants daily, you're going to want
   to when you dig into these pies!


Wallkill View Farm

Wallkill view farm has some spectacular views and some spectacular pies. Bumbleberry is a CBVGR staff favorite!

  Sweet Maresa

   Sweet Maresa offers sustainable vegan baked goods that taste
   amazing. Their shop is also a charming oasis in Uptown Kingston.
   Either stop in for a moment of magic and their Thanksgiving cookie
   assortment or order online.

   Photo courtesy of Sweet Maresa's Instagram feed - follow them here. 





  Sally's & Gadaleto's

   Oysters were almost certainly served at the first Thanksgiving.
   Whether your putting them in your stuffing, baking them, or serving
   them on the half-shell, you want them to be good and fresh! Here are
   two seafood shops you can trust. Sally's Fish Market in Newburgh &
   Gadaleto's in New Paltz.






Just Make It For Me Please

Why not give yourself a break this year? Just order the whole thing! Lots of restaurants are offering Thanksgiving pick-up - here are two that will elevate your Thanksgiving enough to have you feeling guilt-free about not cooking yourself.


   Thanksgiving at the Peekamoose is a lovely, leisurely affair. This year has
   brought the opportunity to enjoy their inspired food at home. Order exactly
   what you want on their website


Blue Mountain Bistro-To-Go

The folks at Bistro-To-Go are the local experts at making gourmet food to go. Conveniently located on Route 28 in Kingston, they're on the way to just about everywhere and they'll make you an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.



The Spirits

No matter what's on your menu you're going to want some fancy drinks! We've got some suggestions of local offerings to try that are both alcoholic and non. 

Coppersea Bourbon in New Paltz

Spike that eggnog with something local!

Cooper's Daughter Spirits

Set on a farm in Claverack, Cooper's Daughter Spirits is a distillery with real style. A woman-owned business (just like us) they make vodka and liqueurs in flavors like thai basil and black walnut. Their website is a mini-mind vacation. Check it out below and don't miss their list of mentions from the Washington Post to Edible Manhattan.

   Immune Schein

   Earlier this year we sold a commercial building on Route 212 between
   Saugerties and Woodstock. Now it's filled up with good things!
   Immune Schein makes tasty elixers of natural ingredients which make
   you healthier while they make your drinks yummier. Mix with some
   seltzer for the healthiest of mocktails or take a look at their website
   for cocktail ideas. Photo courtesy of Immune Schein's
   Instagram feed here.




 Whatever you cook or don't we hope you get to have some local fare and a very very Happy Thanksgiving.




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