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Buying Upstate NY Real Estate - it's a big decision. Once you've decided to start searching you may find a curious thing happening. Everyone you know will begin to offer you advice about buying real estate. Of course they have the best intentions, they want the best for you. But all that advice can get consfusing. How do you know if you should take any of it? An average American owns only 3 homes in their lifetime. 3 home purchases is not a terribly sturdy foundation from which to dispense advice. Here's OUR advice. When you're considering buying Upstate NY real estate take advice from someone who's been involved in hundreds of home purchases. Browse our posts here for general home buying information. If you have specific questions it's always best to speak to one of our Licensed Real Estate Agents.

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Change Your Life - Start a Business Upstate

2020 has been the strangest of years. Admittedly there have been some very dark moments, but in some cases those dark moments have lead people to change their lives in ways they only allowed themselves to daydream about before 2020. Some have used this time to learn new skills, some have used it to spend more time with their families - keeping their circle close, and some have decided to finally take the leap to launch the small business they've been thinking about but never could quite find the time or energy for before. Most businesses need the right space and the right location. With so many people moving to the Catskills and Hudson Valley there's an opportunity to start a business in an area that's

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Luxury Real Estate For Sale In The Catskills 

Welcome to Chateau DeVue

The Penthouse In The Catskills


Who doesn’t remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward (Richard Gere), discuss his penchant for penthouses, despite his great fear of heights? When Vivian asks why he’s rented the penthouse when he’s too afraid to enjoy the view, Edward answers, “Because it’s the best.”



 Welcome to Chateau DeVue, a rapturous mountain retreat set high on the peaks of the beautiful Catskills - it’s “the best”; the ultimate in luxury, with views to match the extravagance of the property.

 Luxury Homes For Sale Upstate NY


Chateau DeVue is the combination of two distinct properties, that together, offer a unique weekend escape. Located in Lexington, which, although not a

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Shop For Sale Woodstock NY


The Catskills Has TONS Of Space For Business... Right?


Space…it seems like there’s plenty of it here in the Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskills region. We’ve got thousands of acres of protected land, unspoiled vistas, and long winding roads with only occasional dwellings. Compared to New York City and the greater metropolitan area, we have space on parade. But, when it comes to retail space in the village that’s the region’s totem, space is…sparse.

If you’ve been waiting to start a business or wishing you could move your current business to a better location, good news - 2,360 square feet of commercial space has just become available in Woodstock; Lotus Fine Art and Design at 33 Rock City Road is on the market. 


Commercial Space Woodstock NY


33 Rock City

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The Perfect Jumping Off Spot

Part of the fun of living in Ulster County is learning about and benefiting from the diverse backgrounds of your neighbors. Some lucky folks you meet have lived here all their lives, some are testing the waters by spending their weekends and holidays here – seeing if Hudson Valley living is for them, and some have come here with a real purpose. The latter was the case with the current owners of 1309 Sawkill Road in Woodstock; they came for the music. 1309 Sawkill is just a few miles down the road from Levon Helm Studios, and they came to play. This family of musicians spent years playing at the legendary Barn as well as taking advantage of every opportunity their home’s location offered up.



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Picture this...

You wake up to a crisp winter morning, there’s fresh snow on the ground and a big blue sky, outside your window are snow-capped mountains, one of which is a ski resort. It’s early, and while you sip a cup of coffee in front of a sleek modern gas fireplace with plush carpet beneath your feet, you watch as the resort’s first arrivals unload their equipment from their cars, trudging unsteadily in their ungainly ski boots up to the lodge to buy their lift tickets. What a slog! Some of them probably started their day hours ago, shoveling snow off the car they left parked on their city block, loading up outside their apartment building, and driving up to the mountains. Your car is parked underground in a heated garage, waiting for

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Hudson Valley Lofts For Sale 

Not One, But Two Mid-Hudson Valley Lofts

When someone says “Hudson Valley Real Estate” what comes to mind?

Stone colonials? Farmhouses? Stream-side woodland cabins? Perhaps a mix of all of these. But it’s unlikely that the first image that pops into a home shoppers mind when they hear “Hudson Valley Real Estate”, is a loft. Most of us associate lofts with big-city living and even bigger city price tags. However, this week, not one but two lofts came on the local market via Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty. They both have all the standards of a loft: wide-open spaces, industrial style, exposed architectural elements, and a well-considered design aesthetic. Both these lofts are condominiums, and as such require less homeowner maintenance than

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Diners are cool. Diners are cool in The Catskills. In fact, one of our local diners is 12th on a list of most Instagrammed locations in the Catskills. That's a lot of people caring about diners! And guess what? We have not one, not two, but three diners listed for sale. Ready to start your next adventure? Take over an Upstate diner!


I Dream Of A Catskills Diner

I love to make muffins. I also love it when people tell me how great my muffins are (a total personality flaw I realize). I dream of opening my own diner in The Catskills where I basically serve muffins all day to people who tell me how great my muffins are. Would I tell them the secret ingredient? No way! (The secret ingredient is wheat germ.) I would wear a cute diner-lady outfit

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Ready For Red Hook?

4 Homes For Sale in Red Hook, NY


From its famous “fork in the road”, to the village streets that are just the right amount of “busy’, to the lovely Dutchess County topography that surrounds it, Red Hook is delightful. For decades, Red Hook has contentedly languished in the shadow of its sister town Rhinebeck, but it’s starting to gain a reputation of its own. Home values in Red Hook are up 5.1% in the last twelve months. and are predicted to rise another 5.1% in the next twelve-month period, a full percentage point higher than the expected national average.

If you think you’re ready for Red Hook, here are four great houses that span price ranges and styles to consider.


30 Lavender Ridge Road


30 Lavender Ridge

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351 North Settlement Road Ashland NY For Sale


Ashland NY - Your Retreat on 114 Acres!


Imagine your ideal home. Is it a sanctuary that fosters peace and repose? Is it a place that soothes your soul with crisp green meadows, calm-inducing creeks, serene ponds, and lush mountains? Country living is a dream for so many. We hear though, that moving to the countryside can be intimidating. While some of us at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty are life-long country-dwellers, most of us made the leap from "city mouse" to "country mouse" at some point. Let us assure you, it will be great!

If you're thinking, “If I move to the mountains, I'll be bound to round-the-clock peace. That’s just too much pressure! I'm not sure I can be that zen, all the time." Listen, no one expects you to be

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21 Cragswood Road New Paltz NY Luxury Real Estate

21 Cragswood Road, New Paltz

The Real Estate industry runs on imagination. “Imagine what this house could be if you only…”; “Imagine what this property will be worth in…”; “Imagine this backyard with a pool, a pond, a treehouse…”. 

But, what if you’re the type of person who likes someone to deliver you the cake of your dreams, place it in front of you sparkling and perfect, so that you can have it, and then you can eat it too. What if you really just don’t want to “imagine”? Then you’re probably also the same type of person who will be elated when your real estate agent brings you to 21 Cragswood Road in New Paltz. Here, no imagination is required. This classy country home is already everything you could imagine and then some.



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