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Sometimes our own homes are a mystery - what are the parts of a house really? How does that septic system in your backyard actually work? What are the steps you need to take if you fear something has gone wrong with it? Are you considering buying a home and completely confused by the list of "features" you see on every real estate website? What is geothermal heat? What is a gunnite pool? Get the answer to these questions from our "Parts of a House" features. There are some house parts that are unique to Catskills real estate and the northeast. If you're new to the area we hope you'll use us as a resource. Don't see the answer to your burning question? Contact us or comment on a post and we'll get you an answer. Houses are our passion, each and every little part of them.

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Something really exciting is happening in Midtown Kingston - The Kingston Design Connection's Design Showhouse is nearly finished!


What's the Kingston Design Showhouse?

In the early spring I had the pleasure of meeting Maryline Damour of design/build firm Damour Drake, the founder of Kingston Design Connection. Maryline is developing a Kingston Design Connection, in her words, " connect Hudson Valley designers to each other; to potential clients; and to the growing Kingston design scene." Designers and artisans who become involved are connecting with one another, and with all of us, through several different venues. First they've developed the Kingston Design Directory which will serve as a resource. It's a curated list of

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Catskills and Hudson Valley Real Estate - A Tour Via Fireplace

Fall has arrived and it's just about time for our first indoor fires of the year. Sometimes a client's search for a home in the Catskills and Hudson Valley revolves entirely around a single feature; the fireplace. It's that important! A fireplace in the right place, in the right style, and of the right size is integral to many people's vision of "home". So, in honor of the crisp air I've clicked and sorted and pulled together a pile of properties with fireplaces to suit every taste and budget. Just imagine spending an afternoon in front of each one of these.

P.S. most of these homes have a lot of other great features as well.


Clockwise from upper left:
  1. I love the neat
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You know what's great? Having your own pool. Yes, they require some maintenance. But when you come home hot from work, or a hike, or a never-ending kids birthday party, there is absolutely nothing like a private float. Here are our current listings with pools, beautiful pools!



This beautiful pool comes with a grand old stone home in Kerhonkson with significant acreage and horse stalls. Ride, and then take a dip!





This pool sits behind a warm and sophisticated home in Woodstock. Just look at the views!




 Everything about this house is surprising: the view, the wide open interior spaces, the outdoor fun complex, and the fabulous bathrooms! 




A picture is

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Great Game Rooms of The Hudson Valley and Catskills

You know what I love about fall? The Chill. I don't just mean the chill in the air (which is delicious), I mean the fact that in the fall, I can chill! All summer I feel obligated to knock it out of the park, to have as much outdoor fun as humanly possible. Hiking, swimming, boating, beach walking, bbq'ing, playing guitar on the lawn, supervising night time games of man-hunt, biking, family shoehorns the maximum amount of activity into every single day. It can get a! In the summer I feel like going inside is a betrayal of a glorious gift. That's a lot of pressure!

Every year by the time we get to Labor Day I am so ready for a stiff breeze to roll in.

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There’s a lot of excitement involved in moving to a new area. Every set routine you go about without giving a second thought to becomes a new adventure of discovery - whether you like it or not. Where’s the best place to go for groceries? What about local or organic produce? Which plumber in town can I call in the middle of the night if I need to? There’s an animal in my yard that looks kind of like a cat, but enough not like a cat that I’m hesitant to feed/pet it. Who deals with this and can they hurry up?



Is there a Thai place nearby? THERE BETTER BE A THAI PLACE NEARBY! Figuring out all the ins and outs of your new environment takes time. So why not relax with some music? I’ll tell you why not. You’ve moved! The radio stations

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Curious About the Historic Architectural Styles of Upstate NY?


You're in luck! The Wallkill Valley Land Trust hosts the 4th Annual Historic House Tour at the end of this month. As a Real Estate Agent I'm interested in the small details of architectural style; it's only natural. The pitch of a roof, the complexity or simplicity of door trimmings, the size and shape of windows completely affect the feeling and character of a home. Architectural detail is the first thing most buyers notice as they peruse listing photos on web sites and they are what my clients who I've helped sell most often miss about the homes they've left behind. Architectural styles are a big deal in Real Estate. 

Many people choose to come to Upstate NY because they want

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