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Posted by Amy Wallace on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 1:23pm

An agent who knows how to sell a house will be able to answer "What is home staging" when you ask. Oh, and help you do it.

So what is home staging? First lets looking at some pictures of home staging in action.

what is home staging

What is Home Staging



What home is staging? Staging is making your house look pretty and appealing to buyers! I know, I know - we've all watched hour upon hour of HGTV staging shows. We're all budding stagers. But here's the thing, watching those shows doesn't help you understand what buyers in our Catskills Real Estate market, a very unique market, want to see. An agent who knows how to sell a house will know that.

When it comes to our own stuff we all tend to be stubborn. We don't edit the way someone else would because - we like our stuff - it's hard to imagine that someone else might not love it the way we do. It's doubly hard to know the fine line between "styling with stuff" and clutter. Your agent should know. Here's a really good way to tell if your agent is a good stager. Ask them to help you stage one "frame" of your house. Have them stand where they'd take a listing photo and snap a photo (isn't modern technology awesome?). Then have them help you stage that area. Take another photo. Does it look more appealing? Would that picture fit in perfectly on Design Sponge? Then this agent understands the answer to the "What is home staging" question.

Last week an agent and I did a quickie (and I mean quickie, we were in and our in an hour) staging on a fantastic cottage in Woodstock. The photos were a bit lackluster, in part because the sellers had taken many of their belongings out of the house and it just wasn't feeling homey. We tossed a couple things in our car and rearranged some of what was in the house and voila! A little plant here, a bigger piece of art there makes a BIG difference as you can see in the photos above. Doesn't it look nice and cozy?



If your agent passing your staging test then trust they know the answer to "What is home staging?" and let them go to it!

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