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Posted by Amy Wallace on Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 2:17pm.

So! You're ready to sell your house, it's time to do some Catskills Real Estate (yes sometimes we say we "do" Catskills Real Estate), and choose an agent who knows how to sell a house with real estate photography. Congratulations on taking the first step on the path towards wherever it is you're going next! Now it's time to choose an agent who knows how to sell a house! Do you have a friend or neighbor who's an agent? Did an acquaintance just buy or sell and offer a recommendation?  Before you pick up the phone and commit to an agent you need to understand how to tell an agent who knows how to sell a house from an agent who doesn't. If you understand the pieces of the property marketing puzzle you can make sure your agent is playing with a full deck (ah, how I love a good mixed metaphor!) Having an agent you're comfortable with is important. Having an agent who understands the Catskills Real Estate market, will keep you informed and will negotiate shrewdly, and has a good working relationship with other agents; these are all important. Having an agent who will get your house in front of the eyeballs that belong to the people who might buy it, and ensure that the owner of those eyeballs likes what they see is most important. Here's a list of skills and tools and agent must have to give your house the best chance it has against its competition in the market.

listing agent skills  

Why are these skills important? Let's look at them one at a time. Today we're focusing on real estate photography. 

#1 Real Estate Photography Skills -

Everyone always says (so often that it doesn't mean anything to anyone anymore) "a picture's worth a thousand words". Why is this true when you're selling your home? Information that comes to us through our eyes produces a visceral response. We like what we see,or we don't - instantaneously. We are flooded with thousands of images a day in print, on our computers, as we walk down the street. And because of the current state of technology our eyeballs are used to those images looking fabulous. At best real estate photography can make a buyer feel they'd be moving into the best possible version of their life. If you're not selling a million dollar modern masterpiece or a perfectly preserved Georgian fear not - someone wants what you've got. But you still need to have your house looking its dreamiest in the photos. Buyers usually aren't deluded - they understand the restraints of their own housing budget BUT they want to purchase the best possible house in their price range. They want the most adorable $175,000 cottage, $240,000 raised ranch, $300,000 colonial. They want the house they're buying to be Pinterest worthy regardless of their price range. Unfortunately some Real estate agents are still using digital cameras from 1996. You simply can't have your house represented by grainy, dark, poorly taken photos. You need sumptuous photos like these: 

Good Listing Photos

Not hideous photos like this (yikes - this is actually a pretty nice house, but it's being shown in its worst light!)

terrible listing photo

Ask any agents you are interviewing what their current listings are and then see what their real estate photography looks like on,, or the brokerage website. If they don't look good, if they don't compare well to the listings that are in competition with that house, move on or plan on a pro-photographer. If you find a Catskills Real Estate agent who is good at everything besides photos and they just don't have the shutterbug gene, work with them to find a good pro-photographer to take fantastic photos of your house and then reap all the other benefits of your agent's expertise. See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 to learn about the other skills Catskills Real Estate Agent needs to know how to sell a house.

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