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Posted by Amy Wallace on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 1:06pm.


Every year my best friend comes up from New Jersey and we spend a fall weekend in Hudson, NY. We check out the foliage, we shop, we dine (this is the back of his head from a couple of years ago...), we check out the Hudson Real Estate offerings (something we've been doing for fun since we were in college - real estate dorks from the start) we have a grand old time.

Hudson DiningThis year we wanted to spend the night so that the fun could go on and on. Guess what? No dice. Everywhere I called was booked for the holiday weekend and didn't have two rooms for us to occupy. Ugh. This makes me regret not buying a piece of Hudson real estate years ago,  even more than I did before (see my post on that here)! So we're going to just spend the day. 

Not being able to get a room made me think though, about the opportunities in Hudson. Hudson has been in a growth spurt for the last decade. It has worked its way down Warren Street and spread rapidly out the streets that lie perpendicular to Warren. I was in Hudson the other day driving through an area of the city that I'd never been in and I was surprised how much more to the city there was, and how ripe it is for the type of revitalization that has gone on around Warren Street. As you move out of the antiques district there you move in to some amazing early 1900's architecture that's completely different but equally charming. I don't think Hudson is going to go out of vogue for quite some time!

The vibrant community, great arts and constant tourism make it a great place to open a small business or a B&B (for those of us who can't get rooms)!!! So, I'm drooling over one of our new listings. It's a make-your-jaw-drop 19th Century brick Italinate on State Street which is one of those streets that runs perpendicular to Warren, and has been all spiffed up. There are so many uses for this building, just walking in gets your creative juices flowing. Here are the use options I can see right off the bat.

Option 1: Right now the entire first floor is set up as professional space with a reception area and offices. You could have any number of small businesses in there, a not-for-profit, a legal practice, a small medical practice, spa services, graphic design. You name it. Or you could make it one of the work-share spaces that are becoming so popular, and have it serve as income while you live upstairs. This place is so perfect as-is you might want to just move in your furniture and enjoy!


Option 2: Turn it into a B&B! While there are 2 bedrooms upstairs the first floor could be converted either as an owner's quarters, more guest rooms, or more common space. Or use the office space downstairs as office space and the upstairs as Bed and Breakfast and park yourself down the street at another of the fabulous Hudson Properties for sale.

Option 3: Air B&B it. Leave it as-is and just rent the living quarters when it suits you.

Option 4: Any combination of the above or something you can think of that I haven't (there are probably lots of those options).

I want to point out that it's not just Hudson's potential, and the building's potential in its location that are making me drool. It's everything about the place! Look at these pictures! This is a classic Hudson property that's been completely renovated. 

The back garden entry and front side entrance take you right back in time. Can't you just imagine a woman in a satin victorian dress coming out of the doorway to walk her lap dog? It's just....picturesque.


There's a very impressive rooftop garden. Where else can you find a property with a rooftop garden for under a million that's in terrific condition I ask you? Makes me want to grab an espresso and a paper and somehow scale the fence to get up there! Better to buy the house first I think...don't you?

Everything inside is perfect from moldings, to floors, to radiators it's just heart-achingly perfect. Take a look at the full listing of 605 State Street in Hudson and see if it's not. You'll be in the car to Hudson for sure. An extra bonus if you're compelled to be there this weekend is the annual Arts Walk

Amy Wallace - Marketing Director

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty

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