Emily Kragness
R.E. Salesperson

After 17 meaningful years teaching in alternative high schools in the city I am excited to be able to use lifelong interests in architecture, geography, horticulture, and home improvement in order to help you find just the right location and home for you. 


Purchasing a home has the potential to be both exciting and stressful. Whether you are in the beginning phase of considering a first home or other property purchase, or you are an experienced homebuyer, having an agent advocate who understands the local market - its history and its contemporary developments - is essential. Over the years, I've gained a broad understanding about our region and its unique characteristics, first as a curious visitor and virtual house hunter and then weekender and, eventually, as a resident and neighbor. I bring a grounded and friendly presence to my work with others and am able to step back, ask questions and listen carefully as well as actively mentor a client through the home buying process. Being part of an accomplished CBVG team offers me a wealth of resources that will assure you are taken care of!


I grew up in both rural and urban areas and have lived in several regions of the United States, Canada and Germany, yet I've found myself especially at home in the Hudson Valley - living near the Hudson River often reminds me of growing up near the Mighty Mississippi and spending time on the rocky bluffs along Lake Superior. In my down time, I can be found taking on home improvement projects with my partner, gardening and studying horticulture, writing, or exploring the back roads and towns of wherever I am. It's hard not to appreciate the region’s diverse amenities - small farms, village charms and city conveniences, extensive recreational options and restaurants, and a down to earth, creative and engaged population.  I am grateful to be able to call Rosendale home as much as Brooklyn. You could say I'm a true City Mouse, Country Mouse but I've found my spot here.


Whether you grew up in the area, you are relocating, or you are seeking a “weekend” home or other respite from the city, I look forward to helping you find your "spot" in the larger Hudson Valley!

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