Real Estate Career Seminars

Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson is a great career choice. It can give you flexibility with your time, upward mobility that's only limited by your own motivation and an opportunity to start your own business without a lot of start-up capital. But make no mistake it is a career, not a hobby. Join us for one of these upcoming career seminars where you'll learn what is needed to become a successful Real Estate Salesperson, and how the business works. Whether you already have your license, are just considering signing up to take the course, or are coming back to Real Estate after a hiatus you are welcome!

Seminars Cover:

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: What You Need to Start Your Business (capital, equipment, education)
  • A Day In The Life: What to Real Estate Salespeople Really Do All Day?
  • A Symbiotic Relationship: The Broker-Agent Relationship and How It Works
  • Make The Right Choice Right Away: Finding The Right Brokerage Brokerage To Partner With
  • Focus: What You Need To Concentrate On As You Begin Your Career

Upcoming Dates and Locations: 

We don't have any seminars scheduled at the moment. Come in and speak to us one-on-one. No pressure, just great information. Contact Candida Ellis, General Manager, and schedule an information session at a time that's convenient for you