Amy Wallace
Marketing, R.E. Salesperson

Hi there. I’m Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Marketing Director. I came to Coldwell Banker Village Green as a client. I grew up in Maine. My husband and I wanted out of the city and we were trying to find an area to settle in that was “like Maine” but close enough to Yankee Stadium for him to catch a few games every season. The Catskills are “like Maine”….but better. Just like Maine, the mountains are beautiful and the people are friendly. The difference is in the community spirit you’ll find in many of the towns in the Catskills. People come here because they want to improve their lives. They have intense interests; some are artists, some are environmentalists, some are homesteaders. But nearly every person I’ve met here has been a person of purpose, and their purpose enhances the community. It’s a very stimulating environment. My education was in theatre (at NYU and Muhlenberg College) and I found plenty of opportunities to use my talents in the Catskills and have met plenty of kindred spirits along the way. It’s amazing how many arts and community events happen in the small towns of the Catskills. It’s amazing how an individual can make a really big difference in the lives of their neighbors and touch the lives of the many people who come to visit our area. In Joan Lonergan, Coldwell Banker Village Green’s Broker/Owner I found a person of purpose. I was thrilled when we met and she offered me a job and I’ve been here (I can’t believe this) for nearly 10 years. Joan is forever enthusiastic, always encouraging, always ethical and always professional and that spirit trickles down to our agents and staff. Marketing Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty and the Catskills is a pretty sweet job. They’re both so great I don’t have to work that hard!

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