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Renee Samuels: "Field" & "Homage To Something"

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty: 7484 South Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571

Open 9-5 Daily | 845-876-4535


Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Red Hook NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Renee Samuels in an exhibition with works from her collections Field and Homage To Something as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

Renee Samuels was born in Vermont, grew up outside of Boston, attended Boston University, and moved to Woodstock, NY in 1987 where she worked as an Art Editor for the Woodstock Times. She has privately taught and shown throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills region - most recently, at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Athen's Cultural Center, and

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Things To Do In Upstate New York! Being in the Real Estate biz, we're plugged into the event scene across the many counties of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region. We love all the creativity we're seeing! It seems that our neighbors spent the quiet pandemic time coming up with new and different ways for us to have fun together (without discarding the best of the old ways). We shout, "hooray" for Painting With Ponies, a no-phone music and camping festival, and a nighttime market featuring "exotic oddities". We've culled together a list of concerts, festivals, fairs, farmer's markets, and other happening events in the Hudson Valley and Catskills for summer 2022 that we're excited for. We hope to see you at some of them! Look for the Coldwell Banker

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One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to be a conscientious citizen of the planet is to use native species in your garden and landscaping. As Hudson Valley and Catskills real estate experts, we at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty know that this is a concern close to many buyers' hearts.

Never have we ever heard a homebuyer say they weren't keen on a plot of land because it was decorated with native plants - no one's shouting, "NOOOO, not a serviceberry tree!!!!" - and we have all worked with buyers who put a landscape of local plants on their wishlist in order to live "greenly".  As Local Experts, we're happy to give suggestions about everything from plumbers and interior decorators to electricians and gourmet shops (both solicited and un

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Sean Willett: "Local Landscapes"

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty: 268 Fair Street, Kingston, NY 12401

Open 9-5 Daily | 845-331-5357


Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Kingston NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Sean Willett in the exhibition Local Landscapes as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

About Sean Willet: 

Through the lush green flora, beside a babbling brook, amongst the fleeting ochres of autumn, or pearl-essence of winter, you'll find Sean with easel and canvas. Inspired by the myriad of changing landscapes of the Hudson Valley of New York, don't be too shy to say hello as he paints plein air.

Sean's work has been exhibited at several galleries, cafes, bookstores, libraries and

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty is rich in many things–great locations, great agents, a great feeling of community and… wall space. Our offices sit in communities full of amazingly creative artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists and craftspeople. While our offices can’t offer any scientific research space, we do have large expanses of white wall. With those walls we’ve formed a symbiotic relationship with incredible artists who are also our neighbors. Each of our offices is used as a “Gallery At Work,” where we display the artwork of locals—some up-and-coming, some with international reputations—and invite the public into our galleries. We get to enjoy and be inspired by the art, and sometimes we get to spend time with a special piece

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Hudson Valley Fall Events

This is the best time of year to be outside - it's just so comfy! A light sweater, a pair of jeans, some snazzy boots, and a nice relaxing weekend event, and we're loving my life. Late Summer/Early Fall can be a time for the ultimate FOMO in The Hudson Valley and Catskills. Even this year, with events just getting rolling again, there are so many events it can be really difficult to decide which to prioritize. Of course, you need to pick apples and eat cider doughnuts; here's Hudson Valley Magazine's Guide on that - they do a great job. Of course, you'll need to leaf peep in the late fall; here's The Great Northern Catskills guide to the best spots to see the fall foliage and get out of your car. But everywhere you turn

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One of the best excuses for a summer drive is ice cream! I remember back in the day, going out after dinner with my mom and sister to little wayside places in the woods - our favorite flavors were Mocha Almond and Maple Walnut – no “Moose Tracks” for us! Call me old-fashioned! As an adult I can indulge in variety with frequency because I'm lucky to live in the Hudson Valley which is loaded with amazing ice cream places. Any excuse is a good excuse for a drive and a cone. These days, with the craze for artisanal everything, there are oodles of home-made varieties of hard ice cream in wild flavors to be explored! I'm one of those equal opportunity ice cream-lovers, I like it hand-dipped or smooth and twisty! Both species of dairy goodness (hard and

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I've noticed something about a lot of our clients - boy are they moving fast! Our clients are buying and selling homes at what feels like warp speed to them; from offer to closing day is a blur, and suddenly it's time to move in and "make it home".

When you're making a move it can be hard to plan out your new space during the blur of closing prep. And because so many people are moving in order to have the space they never knew they needed before, they have lots of space to fill up with comfort on closing day but often don't have enough of their own furnishings to fill that space. You've all heard the warnings about just "Ikea-ing" the heck out of your new home. Heed them! You don't want to look around after a month in your new house and wonder who

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(Oh, how the photo above warms our heart - handmade snowshoes, snow, pretty trees, silent woods. Don't worry - we're not going to send you to rent these kind of snowshoes tough; just look at those bindings! These are here for the ambiance. Read on for where to rent snowshoes that reliably stay ON your feet.)

Please raise your hand if you are so, so tired of being cooped up inside...I'm imagining hands going up from Southern New Jersey to Albany.

The state of our social lives has kept us inside this year and I'll be the first to admit that it's getting to be a real drag. Sometimes the ski resorts are booked and as a last-minute planner I'm left without a lift ticket and avoiding the lodge and large groups of people takes a commitment I don't

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Shop For Sale Woodstock NY


The Catskills Has TONS Of Space For Business... Right?


Space…it seems like there’s plenty of it here in the Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskills region. We’ve got thousands of acres of protected land, unspoiled vistas, and long winding roads with only occasional dwellings. Compared to New York City and the greater metropolitan area, we have space on parade. But, when it comes to retail space in the village that’s the region’s totem, space is…sparse.

If you’ve been waiting to start a business or wishing you could move your current business to a better location, good news - 2,360 square feet of commercial space has just become available in Woodstock; Lotus Fine Art and Design at 33 Rock City Road is on the market. 


Commercial Space Woodstock NY


33 Rock City

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