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From Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty

New Catskills and Hudson Valley Homes For Sale


Oh my! This September we have so many gorgeous new property listings from cottages to modern homes built from green materials never before used in the Hudson Valley. I've picked out a few for our newsletter subscribers. Interested? Speak to your local expert.

563 Route 214, Chichester, NY 12416

Chichester Cottage

This darling cottage in Chichester sits on a pretty bend in the road on the way out of Phoenicia. Recently renovated, it's ready for you to fill with cute furniture, love, and fun. Not familiar with Chichester? Think "mountain living" and you'll have it just about right! Fresh mountain air, rushing streams, and the

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We all know that bees are vital to our survival. They make our all our food happen! Bees are also endlessly fascinating, romantic, and the makers of the most shelf-stable food on the planet – while man cannot live on bread alone, we might be able to live off bees and their honey. Enter September - honey month! Regardless of your interest level in honey – from “I just put it in my tea every once in a while,” to, “I want to devote my life to bees, honey, and wax!”, the Catskills and Hudson Valley have honey resources for you. This September we’re taking a little tour of the honey landscape round-about – we’ve even got some property recommendations if you want to become a hobbyist beekeeper or start your own full-blown, for-profit apiary.  


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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Red Hook NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Renee Samuels in an exhibition with works from her collections Field and Homage To Something as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

Renee Samuels was born in Vermont, grew up outside of Boston, attended Boston University, and moved to Woodstock, NY in 1987 where she worked as an Art Editor for the Woodstock Times. She has privately taught and shown throughout the Hudson Valley and Catskills region - most recently, at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, Athen's Cultural Center, and Spencertown Academy Arts Center.

Renee paints from her home studio in Woodstock looking out to a woodsy back yard with regular visits from local wildlife. Her love of

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Sean Willett: "Local Landscapes"

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty: 268 Fair Street, Kingston, NY 12401

Open 9-5 Daily | 845-331-5357


Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Kingston NY Real Estate office is proud to present the art of Sean Willett in the exhibition Local Landscapes as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

About Sean Willet: 

Through the lush green flora, beside a babbling brook, amongst the fleeting ochres of autumn, or pearl-essence of winter, you'll find Sean with easel and canvas. Inspired by the myriad of changing landscapes of the Hudson Valley of New York, don't be too shy to say hello as he paints plein air.

Sean's work has been exhibited at several galleries, cafes, bookstores, libraries and

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Cowork Spaces In The Catskills & Hudson Valley

Here at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty, we are always looking for ways to help our clients and new neighbors become acclimated to the Hudson Valley and Catskill region. We’re here to not only help you buy a home that will give will be the hub of your new lifestyle but also to aid you in figuring out how to put the pieces of that lifestyle together.

Moving to a new area is no small thing. On some level you’re starting over. One of the things that changes most is who you see on a regular basis. There’s a reasonable instinct to replace relationships you’ve left behind with new ones.

Nearly 50% of everyone who moves does it because of their careers. In the “old days”, that would mean you’d come

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Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty is rich in many things–great locations, great agents, a great feeling of community and… wall space. Our offices sit in communities full of amazingly creative artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists and craftspeople. While our offices can’t offer any scientific research space, we do have large expanses of white wall. With those walls we’ve formed a symbiotic relationship with incredible artists who are also our neighbors. Each of our offices is used as a “Gallery At Work,” where we display the artwork of locals—some up-and-coming, some with international reputations—and invite the public into our galleries. We get to enjoy and be inspired by the art, and sometimes we get to spend time with a special piece

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Where To Launch Kayaks In The Hudson Valley

Experts in Real Estate, Experts in Landscape

We live in one of the most magnificent regions of the world. On the rare occasions when we have the opportunity to see the Hudson Valley from the air, it's impossible not to be impressed with the big picture; the majestic river that built our towns and commerce, the surrounding valley, and the hills and mountains around it. We live in the midst of a seventh grade geography lesson. Get far enough off the ground on a crystal clear day and you'll begin to see the incredible system of beautiful waterways that feed the Hudson. Wonderful. And when we're earth-bound again we’re blessed with daily chances to not just be near the rivers, lakes and streams that have carved out our landscape, but to be on them!

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Deborah Ramsden: Colors Of San Miguel

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty: 397 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414

Open 9-5 Daily | 518-625-3360 


Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Catskill NY Real Estate Office is proud to present the art of Deborah Ramsden in an exhibition titled “San Miguel” as part of our "Gallery At Work" series.

Deborah Ramsden is a photographer from Woodstock, NY. In 2018, she exhibited works at Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY as part of their group exhibition Abstrakt. In the video (courtesy of Emerge Gallery's youtube channel), Deborah discusses finding the "abstract" in her photographs of San Miguel. 


Deborah & Her Photographs:

I have lived in the Hudson Valley all my life, never

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Christina Batch-Lee: Abstraction

Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty: 268 Fair Street, Kingston, NY 12401

Open 9-5 Daily | 845-331-5357 


Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s Kingston NY Real Estate Office is proud to present the art of Christina Batch-Lee in an exhibition titled “Abstraction” as part of our "Gallery At Work" series. 

Christine Batch-Lee has always been drawn to the sea; the dissolution and change that water represents. In her work, she makes use of watercolor, oil paint, and gold leaf to explore seascapes - whether as figures dissolving into their environment and the painting itself, or tide pools dissolving into pure abstraction. 

Batch-Lee earned her BFA from Cornell University, and continued

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One of the best excuses for a summer drive is ice cream! I remember back in the day, going out after dinner with my mom and sister to little wayside places in the woods - our favorite flavors were Mocha Almond and Maple Walnut – no “Moose Tracks” for us! Call me old-fashioned! As an adult I can indulge in variety with frequency because I'm lucky to live in the Hudson Valley which is loaded with amazing ice cream places. Any excuse is a good excuse for a drive and a cone. These days, with the craze for artisanal everything, there are oodles of home-made varieties of hard ice cream in wild flavors to be explored! I'm one of those equal opportunity ice cream-lovers, I like it hand-dipped or smooth and twisty! Both species of dairy goodness (hard and

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