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I've noticed something about a lot of our clients - boy are they moving fast! Our clients are buying and selling homes at what feels like warp speed to them; from offer to closing day is a blur, and suddenly it's time to move in and "make it home".

When you're making a move it can be hard to plan out your new space during the blur of closing prep. And because so many people are moving in order to have the space they never knew they needed before, they have lots of space to fill up with comfort on closing day but often don't have enough of their own furnishings to fill that space. You've all heard the warnings about just "Ikea-ing" the heck out of your new home. Heed them! You don't want to look around after a month in your new house and wonder who

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"Highest and Best" – Narrowsburg Party Property For Sale - Orange County NY Real Estate

In real estate we often talk about the “Highest and Best” use for a property. for example there might be a multi-family home in a commercial district that would make more money for its owner if it were converted into a restaurant or retail space. Highest and Best. One of my favorite things to do is to imagine how a home will be used. Imagining keeps me from serial homeownership! So, I think “Highest and Best” for all the homes we list. 6157 NYS Route 97 presented a bit of a challenge. Not because I couldn’t come up with a “Highest and Best” use, but because I thought of too many! But they fit a pattern. My “Highest and Best” use for this Narrowsburg NY country

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With a crazy-prolific arts community and lots of fantastic venues the Hudson Valley and Catskills region offers nearly endless events this New Years Eve 2016. There's so much going on that if the weather is good you might want to consider a little event hopping! Be safe and have a Happy New Year! Here's a guide to some key New Years Eve events in the Hudson Valley and Catskill region.




Uptown Kingston New Years Eve Party - BSP | Kingston

Hosted by BSP thousands throng to this giant Uptown Kingston block party with ball drop! They have 3 venues this year with dancing, music, food and drink. You can buy tickets for each individual venue or for all three for a flat fee of $50. Click on the photo on the left for all the

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