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Hudson Valley Commercial Real Estate

Become a Neighbor

 Nothing will make you part of an Upstate community faster than opening a small business!

If you’ve been dreaming of escaping the larger places of the world and starting your own business in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, there may be something you don’t know that you should. You’ll be popular! If becoming a real part of the community where you live is something that’s important to you, you can make it happen in a second by moving to the Hudson Valley/Catskills region and starting a business. There’s something about small town living that makes residents champions of each and every small business that opens in their town. They won’t be merely curious about you and your venture, they’ll

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Say, "Slippers, begone!", with our list of 10 Catskill events in January 2020 - they'll get you out of the house and keep you out of a funk.

There's only one way to avoid the "Cabin Fever" of February and March that we all dread in the North East - get out of your cabin! Get out! Go somewhere! I know, I know, so many of the temptations to leave home have disappeared. Want some yummy take out? You can probably get it delivered. Want to watch a movie? Gone are the days of Blockbuster and even Red Box (I miss them). Want to catch up with a friend? Skype them, whatsapp them, or facetime+facebook two different buddies on two different devices. All this seems great, until you begin to feel the walls close in and it's 10 pm on Saturday night and you

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Amidst an election that made people uncertain of the future and caused many to be distracted from their personal goals, the real estate market soldiered on in 2016, and finished with a bright outlook. Forbes Magazine provided a very concise summary of what happened nationally, "...on balance 2016 was a pretty good year for housing. National prices finally crossing the previous 2006 peak, mortgage rates remained historically low and there were some signs that Millennials, a generation which some feared would never buy homes, are beginning to enter the market. Through it all the election loomed large. In 2017 we'll see how profound its effects."  

 Regionally 2016 might be called "The Year of The Hudson Valley"

There was a rash of articles

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"Highest and Best" – Narrowsburg Party Property For Sale - Orange County NY Real Estate

In real estate we often talk about the “Highest and Best” use for a property. for example there might be a multi-family home in a commercial district that would make more money for its owner if it were converted into a restaurant or retail space. Highest and Best. One of my favorite things to do is to imagine how a home will be used. Imagining keeps me from serial homeownership! So, I think “Highest and Best” for all the homes we list. 6157 NYS Route 97 presented a bit of a challenge. Not because I couldn’t come up with a “Highest and Best” use, but because I thought of too many! But they fit a pattern. My “Highest and Best” use for this Narrowsburg NY country

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Orange County New Construction - Make Your Own Miracle

Miracle on 34th Street. It's a heartwarming classic. I have to admit though that it is not my  favorite Holiday movie. But there is a moment in it that I love. At the end, when they drive up to the house... and it's perfect. It's not a mansion, it's not wildly unusual, it's a home. And Susan LOVE'S IT. I get it. In that moment Susan and I are sympatico. There's nothing like a home.



Who wouldn't love that house? It's in a neighborhood that looks like it's safe to ride a bike in. It has a yard, and from that yard you can see down the street to other yards where there will likely be someone to play with, share tools with, compare pet behavior with, and say "Hi" to at the Post

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In Campbell Hall, a small Hamlet of Orange County, next door to an upscale boutique condominium complex called Blackburn Farm, down the road from golf and horseback riding, and just an hour from the city, is an authentic piece of mid-century real estate, a true bit of Americana; “The House”.

We’re living through a time when mid-century modern style is so hip that the label is being slapped on any house or piece of furniture that happened to be built during the mid-1900’s regardless of whether the characteristics are in congress with the definition of mid-century style. Here are those characteristics according to all-knowing Wikepedia:              

  • ample windows
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Unconventional Equestrian

Orange County Equestrian Townhouse

I don't think there are too many human beings on this planet who don't love horses. They're beautiful, they're powerful, they have dreamy eyes, they even smell nice in that horsey way, and they carry us on their backs, wild and free! Woo-hoo! We all love them! (As a side note, everyone loves great real estate too).


There are different levels of horse love:

Level One: Admiration - these people are likely to have a gorgeous horse photograph on their living room wall, but you won't catch them mucking out a stall...ever. Maybe they take a yearly trail ride.

Level Two: Puppy Love - these people like to ride, they probably rode a lot when they were kids. But they're not willing to devote big chunks of

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