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We really believe that the Hudson Valley Lifestyle can't be beat. Where else can acheive complete immersion in nature and the arts and be close enough to a major metropolitan area to make it a quick day trip? Hudson Valley residents have access to the mountains, the Hudson River, lakes, streams, culture and neighbors who are passionate about all of the above. Check this page for the latest in Mid-Hudson Valley art events, outdoor activities in the Hudson Valley, profiles of community organization and miscellaneous musings on how great it is to live here! If you're not already living it we're pretty sure you'll find the Hudson Valley lifestyle irresistable.

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Where To Launch Kayaks In The Hudson Valley

Experts in Real Estate, Experts in Landscape

We live in one of the most magnificent regions of the world. On the rare occasions when we have the opportunity to see the Hudson Valley from the air, it's impossible not to be impressed with the big picture; the majestic river that built our towns and commerce, the surrounding valley, and the hills and mountains around it. We live in the midst of a seventh grade geography lesson. Get far enough off the ground on a crystal clear day and you'll begin to see the incredible system of beautiful waterways that feed the Hudson. Wonderful. And when we're earth-bound again we’re blessed with daily chances to not just be near the rivers, lakes and streams that have carved out our landscape, but to be on them!

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Hudson Valley Fall Events

This is the best time of year to be outside - it's just so comfy! A light sweater, a pair of jeans, some snazzy boots, and a nice relaxing weekend event, and we're loving my life. Late Summer/Early Fall can be a time for the ultimate FOMO in The Hudson Valley and Catskills. Even this year, with events just getting rolling again, there are so many events it can be really difficult to decide which to prioritize. Of course, you need to pick apples and eat cider doughnuts; here's Hudson Valley Magazine's Guide on that - they do a great job. Of course, you'll need to leaf peep in the late fall; here's The Great Northern Catskills guide to the best spots to see the fall foliage and get out of your car. But everywhere you turn

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Historic Homes Of The Hudson Valley

The Elmendorph Inn, Red Hook NY

There’s something about a house with centuries of history – a romance, a feeling of being connected to the people who came before you by sharing their home, and of being connected to those who will go after you if you are a good steward of the building. As Americans, it’s possible that we find old houses particularly attractive because of their scarcity. We’ve only got 400 years of history here, and since early Americans built their houses largely from wood, we’ve lost many to fires and other misfortunes. Great old houses with original detail are rare! Europeans probably think we’re foolish to think of homes from the 1700’s and 1800’s as old, but we do, and we cherish them.

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One of the best excuses for a summer drive is ice cream! I remember back in the day, going out after dinner with my mom and sister to little wayside places in the woods - our favorite flavors were Mocha Almond and Maple Walnut – no “Moose Tracks” for us! Call me old-fashioned! As an adult I can indulge in variety with frequency because I'm lucky to live in the Hudson Valley which is loaded with amazing ice cream places. Any excuse is a good excuse for a drive and a cone. These days, with the craze for artisanal everything, there are oodles of home-made varieties of hard ice cream in wild flavors to be explored! I'm one of those equal opportunity ice cream-lovers, I like it hand-dipped or smooth and twisty! Both species of dairy goodness (hard and

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Community, Arts, and Business Meet in Catskill, NY

The Cats Are BACK!

Sometimes you get an idea. You find a connection between seemingly disparate dots and create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts and also great for the parts within that sum. That’s what The Cat’n Around Catskill campaign has been doing for years in The Village of Catskill, and that’s what we at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty like to think we did using our technology and the Catskill Cats this year.

15 years ago, the town of Catskill was not the household name it is today. Downstaters knew The Catskills but, the charming Village of Catskill? Never heard of it! It was one of Upstate’s best kept secrets. Overshadowed by nearby Hudson to the Northeast and

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Hudson Valley Summer Events

Summer events have returned to The Hudson Valley and Catskill Region. Everyone at Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty is thrilled that we not only have great events to share with you, but also that we have great events to go to! We know that we’ve had more interaction than many people over the past year - real estate thankfully kept rolling. But we missed music, we missed theatre, we missed quirky workshops on random yet incredibly interesting topics. Events and the arts are what this area is about!  We're ecstatic that they are back on our calendar.

I’ve put together a list of events recommended by me and my colleagues. We try to give you something from every corner of the region. It’s in no way exhaustive, but if

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The mountaintops of Woodstock NY are lush, green and unsullied by the trappings of humanity. One of the people we have to thank for this is artist and environmentalist Calvin Grimm. Grimm has lived for more than 50 years in his hand-built home on a mountainside in the Woodstock hamlet of Shady. He’s watched Woodstock grow from a quirky artist’s community to what it is today. Long before Woodstock became a trendy weekend getaway for nature lovers, long before the 1969 festival that made its name famous (despite being elsewhere), there was a heritage that Grimm is passionate about sharing. As an artist, Grimm is best known for a pair of 6.5x10’ murals at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants; his distinctive paintings can

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Joel Craig is an award winning Real Estate Salesperson in Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty's Red Hook office. His youtube channel and Facebook pages, "Hudson Valley Lifestyle & Real Estate" are stocked with things to do, see, and visit in the Hudson Valley. Follow his youtube channel and like his Facebook page for more Hudson Valley & Catskills content.




5 Best Hikes Near Woodstock, NY

Hey there, maybe you're hanging out in Woodstock and you're getting a little tired of shopping for incense and tie-dye. You'd like to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Maybe do some tree-bathing or forest yoga? Well, in my latest video, we explore the top five places to do that. Check it out!



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15 Homes Under 400k

Affordable Catskills & Hudson Valley Real Estate

Mainstream American media has caught Upstate New York Real Estate fever! From what you’ve read in publications like The Washington Post and the The Wall Street Journal lately, you may have the impression that anyone with a housing budget of under $500,000 might as well unpack their moving boxes and sit this one out. But, it's not impossible to find a home for sale in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region for under $500,000. While it's true that the speed of the market is significantly faster than it used to be (in the second quarter of 2021 the average days-on-market for properties that sold in Ulster County was down 47% to below 50, in Greene County it was down 24% to just

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***In case you missed it, this is a reprint of the Daily Mail & Register Star's feature on Regina Tortorella in the Sunday, March 28th issue's special Who's Who In Real Estate Section.

2021 Is The Year Of Expansion For Regina Tortorella

Regina Tortorella is the top performing agent at the top selling real estate company in Ulster and Greene County*. At Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty’s annual awards ceremony last week, she received a Coldwell Banker International President's Premier award, given to only the top 1% of the company's 94,000 agents worldwide. We chatted with Regina about what it means to be a leader in the Upstate real estate. 

First, congratulations on the amazing Coldwell Banker International

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