The Radio Stations of the Hudson Valley and Catskills

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There’s a lot of excitement involved in moving to a new area. Every set routine you go about without giving a second thought to becomes a new adventure of discovery - whether you like it or not. Where’s the best place to go for groceries? What about local or organic produce? Which plumber in town can I call in the middle of the night if I need to? There’s an animal in my yard that looks kind of like a cat, but enough not like a cat that I’m hesitant to feed/pet it. Who deals with this and can they hurry up?

Is there a Thai place nearby? THERE BETTER BE A THAI PLACE NEARBY! Figuring out all the ins and outs of your new environment takes time. So why not relax with some music? I’ll tell you why not. You’ve moved! The radio stations you used to listen to stayed at your old home. Are you going to have to go exploring up and down the dial, wandering around in the dark, hoping to bang your shins against something that resembles that chamber music program that used to be the only thing that calmed you down before that thing that sorta looked like a cat gets in?

Nope! Lucky for you, you’ve moved to the beautiful Hudson Valley. In almost every town you choose, there is an independent radio station blanketing the airwaves with listener driven musical choices, local weather and community updates and commercials for local businesses you might not have discovered yet! Here's a quickie guide to getting your ears happy before you've unpacked your boxes.

98.1 WKZE can be heard throughout most of Ulster County. Their programming leans towards DJ curated, eclectic music selections. They also pride themselves on not broadcasting any national advertisers, so any ads you do hear are going to be for local businesses. Since you're new to the area all that local advertising might actually be helpful!

90.1 WFMU covers the Hudson Valley and lower Catskills with music that spans almost every taste and genre imaginable. They are a completely listener supported and non-commercial enterprise. They are currently the longest running freeform radio station in America. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the idea of hearing indie pop, reggae, showtunes and doo-wop all in the span of an hour, then this is the place for you.


1490 WKYNY has local dj's, an eclectic music selection (including a 70's lunchbox mix at lunch hour which we dig), interviews with local groups and giveaways for local goods and events. 


For those of you who enjoy more of a news and talk format, there is 90.3 WAMC Northeast Public Radio. These guys talk regional events, culture and politics all day long. They have many affiliate stations in the surrounding area so they are quite easy to find. Do you miss Ira Glass and his awesome stories? Here’s where you go.

90.7 WGXC is a community radio station based in Hudson. They call it "hands-on radio". They play music and have a really interesting program of hyper-local content. If you're interested in radio for more than just listening, you might find your new home here.

91.3 WIOX is another community radio station based in Roxbury NY. Their programming is about as eclectic as it gets and a lot of fun! You can check out their programming schedule of blocks of ragtime, "That Was Zen, This Is Dao", and "Mostly British" here.

I love a good college radio station. The dj's are sometimes a bit unpolished, but they also might play something you've never heard before (those college students have a lot of time on their hands for musical exploration - read this as you imagine Barbara Streisand singing "Memories"). SUNY New Paltz's station is 88.7 WFNP "The Edge". You never know what you're going to hear - you just might hear Barbara Streisand.

Finally, there’s Woodstock, NY’s own 100.1 WDST. The music they play leans towards the rock/folk end of the spectrum as would be expected. They also host many broadcasts of live events in and around the area. If you are looking for information about concerts, live performances, food festivals, or any other kind of cultural event in the Hudson Valley, this station will have everything you need.

So there you are. You’ve found some programs that host the kind of music you like, you heard about a bunch of local business that can help you get your new home up and running, and now you know where the best places to go for food and nightlife are. Congratulations, you’ve settled into your first new routine!

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