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I've noticed something about a lot of our clients - boy are they moving fast! Our clients are buying and selling homes at what feels like warp speed to them; from offer to closing day is a blur, and suddenly it's time to move in and "make it home".

When you're making a move it can be hard to plan out your new space during the blur of closing prep. And because so many people are moving in order to have the space they never knew they needed before, they have lots of space to fill up with comfort on closing day but often don't have enough of their own furnishings to fill that space. You've all heard the warnings about just "Ikea-ing" the heck out of your new home. Heed them! You don't want to look around after a month in your new house and wonder who the place was decorated for! Some clients are facing a very different hurdle - they know exactly what they want and where to order it new, but the supply chain is a little dented right now and it can take up to 3 months to get the curtain rods you want! To help our clients avoid the Ikea trap and put together a home with personal style on a timeline that matches the pace of everything else these days, my colleagues and I have developed a list of great local vintage and antique shops where our clients can find the furnishings and tchotchke that will make their houses into the homes they long for - and quick.


Rust Diamonds & More - Hunter

If you're "on the mountain" this should be your first vintage stop. 4500 square feet of furniture and stuff including a beer stein collection (what ski house wet bar is complete without one of those, I ask you?), a pretty piano and a cool orange case speaker. There are fountains for your yard, tractor seats and mid-century dining tables. Owner Bobby Abramson posts regular updates on their facebook page. While you're there, pick up a Neil Diamond record with your new (to you) record player and you can sing "Sweet Caroline" while you unpack.

7950 Main Street, Hunter NY  •  (518) 965-4273


Hoffman's Barn - Red Hook

Once the site of a strawberry patch, Hoffman's barn started out as a way to get rid of some unwanted antiques and turned into a family business that gets a new infusion of vintage and antique merchandise every week. Hoffman's is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and looks a lot like a country auction. If you're looking to infuse your home with quirky character, you're looking for Hoffmans! If you're reading this on a Wednesday, no worries, you can enter the rabbit hole that is Hoffman's instagram feed and search for your treasures. Here's what piqued my interest....

19 Old Farm Road, Red Hook
(845) 758-5668



Stuff Hudson Valley - Kingston

Stuff is an incredible corner shop in Kingston, a couple of blocks from our office. They specialize in Mid-Century, Danish and Modern. They tell a story of collecting and realizing they had way too many coffee tables in their garage. This is the place for me! I've been searching for the perfect coffee table for two decades. They have some amazing, well....stuff. They also have a great instagram account that's worth looking at even if you're not in the market for a console.

1 Main Street, Kingston NY  •  (845) 481-0559

Vintage Modern - Woodstock

When I polled my colleagues for their recommendations Vintage Modern came up a lot. It's a fairly new addition to America's most famous small town. From dining tables to cool pottery there's something here for everyone. They post new additions on their facebook page here. Grab a coffee at one of Woodstock's coffee shops and browse, browse, browse.

70 Tinker Street, Woodstock  •  (917) 903-3153



Kingston Consignment and Antique Center - Kingston 

Here's another spot that's just a few blocks from our Kingston office. We find The Kingston Consignment and Antique Center is a great way to wile away your lunch break, and due to the ever-changing inventory it's worth checking out a couple of times a week. The consignment shop is in the front of the store. The back of the first floor and the entire second floor are a traditional group antique shop with booths from different vendors. I love shopping this type of store! Being an efficiency junky, I appreciate the curated booths that I can take a quick glance at and go, "nope, not for me," and then carry on with my day or stop dead in my tracks because, "OH, that vendor gets me!" and then carefully inspect every single item in their booth. And clients! If you make a move and find that some of your old items really don't work in your new home, this is a great place to sell them off - check out their consignment policy here.

66 North Front Street, Kingston  •  (845) 481-5759 

Water Street Market - New Paltz

Water Street Market is a bit of a one-stop-shop. There's Rhino Records to fill your home with good tunes; The Grazery which is an unlikely shop that focuses on cheese and house plants - once you step inside it all seems surprisingly congruent - they're truly alchemists - they've even managed to make the macrame plant holders they carry look positively on-point! There's a fry place, and several antique shops and galleries (your walls might need some flair from a local artist). The Antiques Barn is exactly what you'd imagine from its name - a big barn jammed with antiques. Antiques on Main is a lovely, well-lit shop with smaller items from lots of different vendors.

Antiques on Main: (845) 255-3976
New Paltz Antiques Barn: (845) 255-1403



Eve's International Flea Market - Germantown

Eve's is a little gem in Germantown that's set in a charming antique building. She carries lots of small items including antique books that could give your bookshelves some gravitas. This is a shop that you have to catch at the right time. They're open Saturday afternoons and by appointment - I think this is to add to add a little mystery and a greater feeling of "making a score" when you walk away with a treasure. Follow their Instagram channel to get a preview...

4 Church Avenue, Germantown • (518) 537-5232

Sister Salvage - Catskill

This refreshingly unpretentious shop has a seriously eclectic collection. You're pretty unlikely to find yourself standing in the midst of it and saying to yourself, "Oh, that's just like the breakfront that I saw at...." You're not going to see this stuff elsewhere. Old telephones, old books and journals, science class beakers, footrests with doilies, banana seat bikes - Sister Salvage is a ton of fun! Stop in at our Catskill office after you visit them and show us your finds! Find out more on facebook.

390 Main Street, Catskill  •  (917) 327-9999


People's Place - Kingston

People's Place is a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to anyone living in Ulster County, especially the unemployed, the physically and mentally challenged, working poor, youth, and the elderly. They are amazing! If you live in Ulster County, you know People's Place. To support their mission they run a thrift shop. They have great stuff and they help people - it's a win-win. In lieu of pictures, I'd like to share one of their videos - it's just as likely to hook you up with your first volunteer opportunity in the area as it is to help you find that illusive coffee table.

17 St. James Street, Kingston  •  (845) 338-4030


Newburgh Vintage Emporium

I saved my personal favorite for last - Newburgh Vintage Emporium! The name is perhaps a bit of a misnomer - the "Emporium" is actually 2 giant warehouses full of fabulous stuff! I go here frequently and never leave empty handed. As I'm writing this a huge piece of un-hung metal art I bought there a few weeks ago is sitting right next to me, mocking....I can't figure out how to hang am I going to hang it? Because they have so much space they're able to carry lots of large pieces. On my last trip they had a very cool mid-century sofa clad in Cookie Monster-blue faux fur and a big farmhouse table I wish I had a spot for! I've been coveting a very large ceramic chicken that reminds me of my grandmother for quite some time. The only downsides to the Emporium are that all sales are final and you need to dedicate a full afternoon to really see it all - so set aside a day, take your measurements and your measuring tape and bring a truck. P.S. Their instagram account is fab!

5006 Route 9W Newburgh, New York 12550  •  (845) 562-5200

10 NY-17K Newburgh, New York 12550  •  (845) 565-8200

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