Catskill Mountains Fishing Recommendations

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Catskill Mountain Fishing
Growing up in Ulster County has a lot of advantages. One is the opportunity to explore while carrying a fishing pole. Not all of my expeditions have been successful. I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching fish. I got a request to write a blog about my 5 favorite fishing spots... (yeah, like that's going to happen...I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.) Okay, here are 5 great fishing spots that I can recommend without having to put a gag order on you!

5. Wilson State Park

Okay, so you may say this is a State Park and must be over fished? Well, if you are willing to go in the winter time with tip up's and jigging rods, you will be pleasantly surprised. This small lake provides opportunities to catch perch, crappie, pickerel, bass and the occasional trout. Great place to take kids as well as there usually is plenty of action. 

4. Hudson River

The Hudson River... really?  Well the Hudson River provides excellent opportunities for Striped Bass fishing in late April into early June. Fishing from a boat is ideal, however there are plenty of places to fish from shore. Stripers can be caught upward of 40 pounds with 15-20 pond range common. There is a small window, so don't miss out on this time frame. 

3. Upper Esopus Creek and Tributaries

Weather you fly fish or spin fish, the Esopus Creek has excellent trout fishing. They stock the creek late April until early June which makes taking a kid fishing fantastic! Right after stocking, fish the bridges with a # 2 silver blue fox, you won't be disappointed. Excellent fly fishing all summer long!!! I won't take the fun out of it, you will need to explore. 

2. Ashokan Reservoir

The Ashokan Reservoir is a NYC water supply and DEP permit and fishing licences are required. This large body of water has some great bass and trout opportunities from shore or in a row boat. Early May fishing from shore off the points will give hours of great entertainment catching spawning bass. (They are out of season, so please catch and release.) Mid June and September offer excellent Trout fishing with fish being caught up to 10 LBS. Only row boats are allowed with a boat permit. No daily launching as you need to keep your boat at the reservoir. 

1. Mountain Streams

Okay, this is a little vague but like I said before, I can't always bring myself to let my favorite spots out of the bag. There are many small mountain streams that have some amazing brook trout fishing. There is nothing like catching a few brookies and cooking them on a fire on the side of the stream. I usually practice catch and release, but this is one time we actually keep a few fish. Get a map, and find a few of theses mountain streams. Some are on State land and others on DEP land that is open to the public. You can also give me a call, I'm maybe a little more forthcoming if I'm not letting the cat out of the bag to thousands of eager fisherman on the internet. Or, maybe we'll just run into each other on a stream bank somewhere in the Catskills.
Good Luck and Fish On! 

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