5 Signs You Should Move To A Hudson Valley Village

Posted by Amy Wallace on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 2:03pm

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It's time to get out of the city. It happens to the best of us. The urge really seems to hit people this time of year when it gets, how shall we put it? SMELLY! But are you a village person or a "hickster"*? If you're new to country life this might help you get your bearings. Village life is probably best for you if: 





#1. You Consider A Walk Down The Street A Social Event 

If running into a friend or acquaintance on the street warms the cockles of your heart, you're a village person. When you live in a Hudson Valley village this happens constantly. As soon as you move into the village you will meet people. Within one month you'll have the same number of friends it took you 10 years to accumulate in the city. Within 3 months, going to the post office will become like a cocktail party. Getting a cup of coffee might turn into a symposium. Sound like a good time? Village people think it is. 






#2. Livestock Are Optional

If this guy looks cute to you but you're not posting this pic on Facebook accompanied by "I'm getting goats!"...you're a village person. The Hudson Valley has some outstanding farm land and is a great place to homestead. You can totally become your own, cooler version of Old MacDonald here. But if you'd rather buy your goat cheese from a local maker than become the local maker, you're a candidate for village living.






#3 You Get as Excited About Townie Bikes as Ralphie Did About The Red Racer BB Gun

Ahh, the townie bike. If you've been coveting one, or you already have a collection, you're a village person. Living in a Hudson Valley village means you'll be able to do many of your errands, and arrive at social engagements in style, on your townie bike. Those who choose to live outside town might need a bicycle with a little more gear action to get up and down the hills they're going to encounter. This is the country, we've got mountains. Does picturing yourself, hair flowing, legs pumping leisurely, with a basket full of library books you just picked up and an ice coffee in your hand make you feel like a proverbial kid in a candy store? Get thee to a village.





#4 You Think Your Car Is OK, But You Don't Consider It A Mini-Mobile Home

If the thought of getting in the car whenever you are doing anything besides enjoying your home or taking a country stroll makes you tired, or bored, or annoyed, then you're a village person. People who enjoy life outside of town are people who are able to tolerate this one downer of rural life. Maybe they love hiking right from their back door. Maybe they couldn't resist our little goat friend above. Or maybe they love living where they won't encounter other humans frequently. No matter their reasons the benefits they get from the rural lifestyle outweigh the downside of time in the car. If you have negative feelings about bonding with your vehicle, move to a village.






#5 You're a Joiner

If you hear something fun happening on the other side of a closed door, do you open the door to see what's going in and if you can somehow get in it? Yes? You're not a nosy hanger-on, you're a village person. If you like to volunteer, socialize all the time, or meet new people often, you're a village person. Do you make a daily trip to a coffee shop where you kibitz with the employees and whoever else happens to be around? If you miss it do you miss it? Un-huh, trust us, you're a village person.

You like getting involved, meeting new people, and being close to the action. You want to be in the country but you don't need to feel like you're living in a North-Eastern version of a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel. Welcome to the village!

The best part about the Hudson Valley is that there's a place for everyone! We meet new village people, hicksters, homesteaders, joiners, artists. craftspeople and entrepreneurs every day and help them figure out where their next place to take root should be. It's exciting all around. Our community pages will help you start to explore. 


*Hickster - noun: a hipster who has decamped from the city to live off the beaten path.



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