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Posted by Joel Craig on Friday, June 25th, 2021 at 1:08pm.


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5 Best Hikes Near Woodstock, NY

Hey there, maybe you're hanging out in Woodstock and you're getting a little tired of shopping for incense and tie-dye. You'd like to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Maybe do some tree-bathing or forest yoga? Well, in my latest video, we explore the top five places to do that. Check it out!




#5 Snake Rocks Preserve

Number Five on the list is Snake Rocks Preserve in Bearsville - 35 acres of wooded trails, winding around an old, abandoned Bluestone quarry. The one downside to this hike is that there is no parking. There's supposed to be some parking down on Yerry Hill Road, but that's only for a few cars at most. By the time you hike up the road to get here, you've done more of a hike than the actual hike itself. Maybe that'll improve in the future. The other thing is the name. Obviously, there are a lot of rocks here and, of course, under some of the rocks are snakes. So just keep it in mind....


#4 The Comeau Property

My fourth favorite hike is the Comeau property just off Tinker Street in Woodstock. It's really convenient to get to if you've been visiting the shops in the Village of Woodstock - you can walk right up here, spend some time in the woods, go down to the water's edge. It's a great property, just beautiful - dog friendly too.


#3 Thorn Preserve

My number three hike is the Thorn Preserve on John Joy Road, just outside of the Village of Woodstock - 60 acres of grassland, ponds, forests and beautiful views of Overlook Mountain.


#2 Kenneth L. Wilson State Park

And the number two best hike is Kenneth L. Wilson State Park, located just a few miles west of Woodstock off of Wittenberg Road. It's got camping, fishing and, of course, hiking. It is a state park, so there is a small entrance fee, but it's well worth it.


Honorable Mention: The Ashokan Rail Trail

Now it's time for an honorable mention. Here's how you get to the Ashokan Rail Trail from Woodstock; take Levon Helm Boulevard (Route 375) down to Route 28, turn east and you'll see the signs. Normally I would have included it in this list, but I've already done a couple of videos on it. So, I'm putting it in as an honorable mention because it's a great walk.


#1 Overlook Mountain

The Numero Uno hike near Woodstock, New York, is Overlook Mountain. It's more of a hike than the other ones, but it's still pretty moderate, and those spectacular views of the Hudson Valley are well worth it. And it's got a fire tower and a spooky, old, abandoned hotel. Happy hiking! 



So, there you have my five favorite places to check out Mother Nature and Woodstock. If you have a favorite place, leave it in the comments below. And if you like these videos, subscribe to my channels, see more videos and get out there and check out some of those places. Peace and love.




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