Valerio Russo
Associate R.E. Broker - Hablo Español, Parlo Italiano, Je Parle Français

Valerio is a lawyer, tinkerer, outdoorsman, adventurer, and nester. Born in Italy, weaned in Kenya, and educated mostly in New York City, he chose to root in the Hudson Valley for the myriad benefits it offers - the community, the space, the world-class rock climbing, sailing, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, and more. 

Since earning his JD at Georgetown Law School, Valerio has worked in the federal government, advising on health data privacy and security law and technology; at a public defender’s office, representing parents accused of child abuse and neglect; and at a private law firm, mainly practicing employment law. He now practices solo from his home in Kingston, focusing on home sale closings and related matters. 

The legal work provides a more predictable income, but Valerio really loves exploring the Hudson Valley, its properties, and their potential with clients.  With everywhere he’s been and everything he’s seen, Valerio is confident the Hudson Valley is amongst the best places in the world to call home. Sharing his knowledge and guiding clients to a good home in this wonderful place adds variety, humanity, and pleasure to his career.

Close familiarity with the sales and legal roles renders Valerio a stronger advocate for his clients. Buying and selling a home is often an emotional experience and one of the largest financial transactions in a person’s life. It is also a process fraught with complexity and risk. Whether acting as an agent or attorney, Valerio knows well what’s in store for his clients or what they’ve just been through, as the case may be, and acts accordingly. 

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