Stephen Clark
R.E. Salesperson

I grew up in a rural community in Louisiana and as long as I can remember I always swore that I would one day leave that slow-paced life behind for one of big city urban living.  Throughout college and graduate school, I had my sights set on New York City and, as luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to fall for a handsome New Yorker and moved to the city nearly ten years ago. I loved everything about New York and was very happy.…it was indeed my dream come true.  But after some time, my husband and I found ourselves yearning for a regular escape from the city; a place where we could do simple, “normal” things like drive a car, cook a meal, entertain family and friends,  or just a place where our dogs could run free and stretch their legs. These simple luxuries were more than our small apartment in Manhattan was offering us.


So we set out to find an easily accessible, bucolic place in the country that offered interesting people, a good restaurant or two, and a rich history and culture. If we could locate such a place and secure a home there, we knew that we would truly have the best of both worlds.  After a whirlwind search across the Hudson Valley we stumbled upon Rhinebeck and immediately were smitten with its charming village and the surrounding rolling meadows and farmland.  In a few short months, we found and closed on a house and set to work transforming it into our own.  What started out as a “weekend house” has gradually become our home. It is the place we have lovingly fashioned into a refuge for not just ourselves, our friends and loved ones….and most importantly our dogs! It is the place where we I can disengage from the rat-race and fully engage with things I am passionate about such as design, renovation, landscape gardening, history, and now real estate. The opportunity to help others experience this balance and discover the unique character and relaxed way of life that the Hudson Valley offers is probably the main thing that drew me to this career—along with my entrepreneurial spirit and organized work style.


I look forward to sharing the first-hand knowledge I’ve acquired from buying, renovating, and living in the Hudson Valley. Let’s have a chat and share with me your vision for a home in the Hudson Valley. I’ll gladly share my knowledge of the different towns in the area and perhaps we can take a drive down a few winding country roads to look at interesting, one-of-a-kind properties. Whether it’s a turnkey modern farmhouse or a fixer-upper in need of TLC, helping you find the perfect property—one that is destined to provide you with that “best of both worlds” lifestyle—is my goal.  But, fair warning: you may end up like me in making this beautiful area your full-time home; yet completely at ease knowing the Big Apple is only a short drive or train ride away.

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