Sabrina Lee Puppolo
R.E. Salesperson

Houses are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike. Each house has its own unique features, one reason I find real estate endlessly fascinating.

Twenty-four years ago, I bought a small, simple house near the Hudson River and began to make it my own home. It’s a process that’s still unfolding, a continuing, hands-on transformation that has taught me much about the houses: their appearance and their infrastructure, aboveground and underground, indoors and outdoors, history and potential future. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and the confidence that comes with a thorough understanding of what a home is.

Over the years, my knowledge and appreciation of the Mid-Hudson Valley have also deepened. Born and raised in the Saugerties-Kingston area, I know each town and neighborhood intimately. From arts, culture and history to an endless array of outdoor activities…there is something for everyone, every season!

I am an energetic, resourceful and conscientious person who genuinely enjoys meeting and helping people. In my previous career as a fitness professional, I worked one to one with many clients. I know how important it is to LISTEN to a client’s needs, to RESPECT their time, and to DELIVER results. Whether you are listing your current home to sell or looking for a house to buy and make a new home, as your Real Estate Agent, I will do the work to achieve your goal.

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