Michael Carboni
R.E. Salesperson

Born and raised in Olivebridge, I have a deep rooted appreciation for the Catskills.  I have traveled around the world and lived overseas for several years but I am always happy to return to my true home.  Living in the Catskills, I often pause in gratitude that my family lives where so many other people vacation.  Why visit a paradise when you can live there? 

My studies include photography, videography, graphic design, and Mandarin Chinese.  I am the founder of The Traveling Buddha, LLC where I have been managing, buying, selling and navigating all aspects of running a family operated business since 2004.

With over 20 years experience in real estate; encompassing many aspects from construction, home repair, landscaping, and rental property management you can feel comfortable I’m not just a sales person but have a deep understanding of the mechanical and functioning parts as well as the aesthetics of a home.        

A home is not just a place to live.  A home is a sanctuary that extends beyond the exterior walls.  I task myself to find the right home where you can really feel comfortable, and at peace so you can start each day rested and ready with a balanced mindset.  The Catskills is paradise on earth and I am ready to assist you find your sanctuary.


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