Kathleen A Griffin
R.E. Salesperson

A friend once told me that in one form or another, everyone has a real estate chapter in their life. Welcome to mine. I moved to the Hudson Valley four years ago and immediately fell in love. I had previously wondered if I would ever recover from leaving NYC but not long after arriving the artsy coffee shops and incredible nature helped me find a new kind of home. One only need to ride a bicycle to the farmers market in uptown Kingston and then saunter to the Stockade for a follow up drink to forget you once rode a subway to everything.

Likewise, I think real estate has also been calling me for a very long time. For the past twenty years I have been a professional artist and in this role have worked as an interior designer and fabricator for different architecture and planning firms. One of the ways I have sustained myself throughout these years of showing and traveling has been to buy and renovate properties. The value of these investments has comfortably supported me. I think that whether you are purely an investor or if your home is your largest investment, real estate is an excellent way to achieve the life that you imagine for yourself. I now use my passion for real estate and knowledge of building and architecture to help others create the life they are imagining for themselves.

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