Jen Rosie Flanders
R.E. Salesperson

I was raised in the Hudson Valley. My father taught me to drive on the country roads that this area is known for. As I wandered this beautiful area, I began looking past the woods into the windows of the homes; they called to me.

After high school, I got the travel bug: I went roaming, meeting my husband in Vieques PR in 1993. In the late 90s, we moved to Los Angeles where I began my Real Estate career. I had several successful years there but the Hudson Valley kept calling me back, as Levon Helm says “These mountains emit a sound that only some can hear, I hear the siren loud and clear.” So we packed up our things, and moved back to the place I considered my one true home.

I’m thrilled to be back doing what I do best, matching clients with the homes they are destined for. I hope you consider me when thinking of buying or selling your home.

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