Jane Stack
R.E. Salesperson

Jane Stack’s experience with the Hudson Valley spans over 25 years, starting with the purchase of a weekend home in the early 90s as a getaway from NYC. This led to a progression of owning a few weekend homes over the years, which ultimately evolved into a part-time ambition of renovation homes and selling them. Then 5years ago Jane and her husband decided to pursue real estate as a full time endeavor and created a real estate development company covering renovations, rentals and AirBnBs. Being a career sales person in advertising and promotion led to the natural progression of Jane getting her real estate license to support the sales and marketing of their new company.

Jane’s love of Real Estate is so strong that she has turned real estate sales into a full time passion which is supported by having a great eye for undervalued properties and a creative approach to problem solving, paired with a strong knowledge of renovations. Having conducted over 40 personal transactions Jane has an advanced understanding of the market in Ulster County and knows what makes for a great weekend home or investment property.

She is uniquely well positioned to serve her clients with a well thought out creative approach to buying or selling a home, not to mention having some fun and laughs along the way…

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