Erik Forster
Associate R.E. Broker

Erik was awesome all around. He was so helpful while I was in Colorado still and was available for all of my last minute appraisal inspections, etc. He was very helpful and friendly & I would recommend him to everyone!


"Erik was great! he was very helpful to us as 1st time homebuyers and was always available to field questions. We would highly recommend Erik!" 

Rich & Jen Pendleton

"Cheryl was a pleasure to deal with. She even offered to help us organize and pack for the move. In fact, on the morning of the closing, that's what she was doing! We couldn't have asked for a more professional, caring realtor.

Coldwell Banker is the best. They were also involved in the buy/sell sides of the purchase of our new home in Connecticut. The entire transaction was flawless and seamless.

P.S. Erik (Forster) was very helpful in suggesting the areas to paint, the colors to select, de-personalizing, etc. We implemented most of his recommendations which,  we believe also helped in selling the house - and so quickly (18 days on the market)."

Earl & Elaine Morey

"My wife and I first met Erik Forster when we attended the RUPCO's first-time home buyer course. He gave a presentation about realtors and what they do, and he was friendly, knowledgeable and professional, so we thought we would give him a call when we were finally prepared to go house hunting. We couldn't be happier that we did!

After our first meeting with Erik, we both knew that he was the realtor we wanted to work with. He really took the time to understand what we were looking for in a home, where we were looking, and what price we were okay with. He explained how the entire process worked from start to finish and answered all of our questions. He was really compassionate and patient, which meant a lot to us as first-time home buyers with a lot to learn, and his expertise was very helpful!

Erik is a fun, good person in general and very easy to talk to - he had no problem explaining terms or concepts that we were unfamiliar with, and whenever we found a home we wanted to look at, he got us in to check it out very quickly! He was always available via phone, text or email, and was lightning quick to respond. He was fantastic during every walk-through we did, my wife and I really felt like we were all on the same page – he will tell it like it is, which we really appreciate! Erik will tell you the pros and the cons of the house, he won’t sugar coat it but he wants you to make your own decision too. He wants you to know what you are getting into: Even though we were looking at the lower price ranges, we never felt as if he was just trying to get us into something.

We absolutely believe that we got the same courteous service as we may have received if we were looking at some of the pricier Hudson Valley homes, that’s just the kind of guy Erik is. We often asked for his personal insight and experience as a homeowner as well, which to us was a huge bonus to us as novices. Often on walk-throughs we laughed a lot, it was a good time even if the houses we looked at turned out to be less than their listings would have you believe!

After viewing a few homes, we found one that was perfect for us – it was everything we wanted as far as price range, rooms and features. Erik helpfully guided us through each step of the home buying process. He was really on top of everything – he helped us extend the offer, negotiated the offer when the home appraised slightly lower than anticipated, and he was always ready to contact the seller’s agent at a moment’s notice. We firmly believe that Erik's proactive, professional approach was the key in getting us into contract, and we got the best possible price!

Working with Erik made the home buying process as painless and streamlined as possible. He really did most of the heavy lifting, we were in good hands the whole way through and were able to keep our sanity to boot…we are so grateful for all he did for us. We would recommend him to absolutely anyone who is buying a home, whether it’s for the first time or not!

We hope that we will be in this home for many years to come, but if we ever decide it is time to move, we would love to work with Erik again!"

Rowan and Nicki Quinn

"As a first time home buyer it was a fantastic experience. Erik took the time to explain each step in the home buying process. I felt comfortable and educated every step of the process. In the end we found our dream home in a very limited market. Will highly recommend Erik to our friends and family for any real estate transaction."

Kristie & John Mazzaccari

"During the inspection process a few issues came up and Erik was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in resolving those issues. Thank you so much Erik, you were amazing!"

Wes & Jessica

"Doug & I loved Erik. He spent several hours with us at our first meeting, answering all our questions. He was honest in what he expected from us and was extremely knowledgeable about the market. Our price was right on. Our transaction had some delays and Erik was upbeat and always available to give encouragement and advice. Thanks, Erik!"

Linda & Doug Wysocki

"My daughter and I thought Erik was funny, straightforward and very helpful. Completely satisfied with his service."

Sara Hitchcock

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