Doina Dewell
Associate R.E. Broker - Vorbesc Romaneste

It was all perfect we got our property for the price we wanted

Robert Pelham

Doina was very personable and called whenever she had new information and always kept us in the know. She is a great representative of buyers/sellers needs.

Michael Robbins

"She was always there when (I) needed her and (was) very helpful with other matters." 

Frank Rotolo

"Doina was on top of everything from the moment we spoke with her about potential properties right up to the closing. She is knowledgeable, efficient & trustworthy. We're sorry we don't have more money to buy my properties because she is the only agent we would go to."

Richard & Denise Christie

Doina Dewell was the realtor listing the property.  She was very responsive and let me know everything that was happening and also provided a lot of information.  She was great!

Astrid VanSteen

Doina was so knowledgeable, polite, & courteous. She was with us every step of the process. Even after we put a bid in on a house and lost out, she assured us we would find another and we sure did the house of our dreams. Doina is now a part of our family. She was so helpful. Give her a big raise, a hug, and a brand new car. She is the best. 

Brian & Linda Kittle

Doina was knowledgeable and supportive. she loved our house like we did and she sold it that way. we are thankful for Doina's great service.

Vincent & Esther Montalbano

Doina was very responsive to all my questions and issues that arose as the matter proceeded to the closing. She promptly addressed matters with the difficult municipal sewer. Great job, Doina


"Doina is an asset to your company."

Michael Carter

Doina was a fantastic advocate & advisor from day one

Graham Ericksen & Debra Downs

I have bought and sold 5 properties. Doina was by far the best broker I have worked with. She is honest and knows all about how to communicate.

Victoria Fogarty

There was no "bad time" to call Doina. She made it clear that I could call whenever and on the few times I did call in the " off hours" she was always pleasant and ready to help.

Robert Davis

She responded to all my inquiries & emails & text. Very nice, polite and helpful

Kenneth & Kristine Warren

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