Dennis Bressack
R.E. Salesperson

Spending childhood summers and holidays with my family at Rosenberg’s Farm & Hotel in Bullville, NY, in Orange County, created in me a love of upstate NY and the Catskill Mountains. When it came time to practice dentistry in 1974, I chose Middletown, a small city about 8 miles from Bullville. 

Over the years, I had many opportunities to spend time in Woodstock.  I have been writing poetry for more than 50 years, and I had the pleasure of taking many poetry courses here during that time, as well as reading my poetry at many local venues.  When I retired in 1994, it was clear to my wife and me that we wanted to be in Woodstock permanently, surrounded by the incredible beauty of the area and loving the peaceful, art-filled atmosphere of this town. We bought a home and moved here in 1995.  We home schooled our youngest son here in this amazing home schooling community.  Our oldest son lives in Tampa, Florida with his family, and they enjoy nothing more than coming up north to visit us and this fantastic town. 

Since 1996, my wife and I have purchased and eventually sold residential rental properties in Woodstock, including a townhouse and several single and multi-family family homes.  Over the years, we renovated every property.  I secured tenants, managed the properties, and oversaw all renovations.   Last year, ready to “downsize,” we sold our beloved home, and renovated and moved into an adorable cottage down the street. 

Please allow me to share with you my personal experience of more than two decades of buying, selling, investing in and managing residential real estate. I believe I have the tools necessary to help you find the perfect home to live in, find the best real estate in which to invest, help you through the ins and outs of renovating your properties, and if desired, manage the properties for you.

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