Cecily Sachi
R.E. Salesperson

"Cecily followed through every step of the way.  She understood what I wanted and was creative about finding me the right place."

Erna DuPuis

"Cecily was a great help to our family in finding a second home in the Catskills. She was tireless in looking for options and following up with many details."

Kris & Jennifer Mueller

"This was the first time i sold a house.  I went into the situation suspicious of everything.   I have been a business owner for over 20 years and over time i have learned not to trust.   I was 100% wrong when it came to dealing with Cecily Sachi.   She is about as honest and hard working as they come.  I met Cecily soon after my aunt passed away and i was left with the house in Bearsville to deal with.   That was about 10 months ago.   I cant begin to tell you how helpful she was.  Everything from getting the house in shape to dealing with the county of Ulster to just being there for emotional support when it looked like i would never get the house taken care of.   This entire time....  10 months!!!  Cecily was always there when i needed her.   She is an absolute professional.   I am completely satisfied with Village Green Realty and Cecily Sachi.  Thank you very much for your services.  Thank you for Cecily Sachi.  I could not be more happy with my selection of a realty company."
Greg DeLaura

Greg DeLaura

"Cecily is wonderful to work with! We felt she "got us" right away and was so helpful and responsible every step of the process. The experience was wonderful."

Sarah Lutz

"We experienced a good deal of back and forth negotiating with the seller. These can be stressful communications. Cecily was supportive and responsive throughout the entire process and made sure that even in stressful moments things ran smoothly. Beyond her professionalism and competency, Cecily is an extremely pleasant person to work with. These traits engendered our trust in her throughout the process,which was valuable and comforting...."


"Cecily was the loveliest agent, kind thoughtful and humorous. She was extremely responsive to texts and emails. She went the extra mile to help us get the property we wanted at a fair price."

Miranda Morrison

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