Ana Ortega
R.E. Salesperson

From Fashion to Farm

Every January I celebrate another year living in this beautiful place. I live in Ulster County with my husband and children and our menagerie of goats and chickens. I have been lucky enough to call this special place home for the last 17 years and it has my heart!
Once you experience the Hudson Valley with all its natural beauty and cultural richness, you will completely understand why and how I fell in love.  
After graduating from F.I.T. I had a successful career as a designer. Working in the fashion industry was a rewarding and fascinating career. It allowed me to explore my creativity, learn a wide variety of invaluable skills and fine-tune my business acumen.
After leaving the industry and moving to the Hudson Valley, I began to work in farming. From Fashion to Farm! I loved the dirt, the earth, the beauty, the physical work. I picked, drove tractors, planted fields, bagged feed worked with local farmers at a CSA. 
Watching things grow and learning about farming as it once was and as it is today, was a truly incredible experience.
Farming is teamwork and so is real estate. I am so fortunate to now have a successful real estate career, marrying the things I love; Creativity, business and nature. 
I will help you build a team of like-minded professionals to carry you forward towards your goal; Inspectors, attorneys, specialists, builders, appraisers etc. 
I love to watch a dream grow into reality and there is nothing more satisfying than helping my clients make it happen. 

I specialize in the Hudson Valley; residential real estate; your vacation getaway or your primary home. Agricultural properties and commercial ventures from farms to Orchards to Organic property.
I know how to help you navigate the process. I can demystify the land-buying process, guide you through approval processes, and help you build your team of dream-makers.I am a diligent and passionate real estate professional and I am always here to answer your questions and share my experience of living and working in this amazing place.
To meet my goats and chickens, please follow me on Instagram @anaortegajohnson. 

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